Monday, May 31, 2010

Duckfest!!! Digital and Paper Scrap Giveaway

In honor of Daffy's late sister Wendy, I am participating in Duckfest which is an effort to raise money for the JD Scholarship Fund.
In this giveaway I am offering a few of my scrapbook kits. The winner will receive one L'Voe Digital scrapbook kit, one Dreaming Draven Digital scrapbook kit, and one Flower Commotion Paper kit.

Please leave one comment for each dollar donation you make for this giveaway. Registration runs June 3 - 8. Drawing will be conducted June 9 via Winners will be notified via email and shipping information will be collected at that time.

Thank you for your contribution to the JD Scholarship Fund!

(Comments will be open on June 3rd so make sure you come back to place your entry!!)

  1. 2 Autographed Copies of Single Mom Seeking by Rachel Sarah
  2. 2 Autographed Copies of The Complete Single Mother by Dr. Leah Klungness
  3. Full Blog Redesign by The Frilly Coconut
  4. Great Big Outdoor Playball
  5. Williams Sonoma Cookbooks
  6. Personalized Handmade Crocheted Blanket
  7. "Get Your Green On" Gift Pack
  8. Bundle of Books! 4 of Andreas Favorites!
  9. Vintage Heart Shaped 10K Gold Pendant with Rubies and Diamonds
  10. Tupperware Chef Series Oval Roaster
  11. A Complete Fertility Package
  12. Circle+Bloom Fertility Meditation Program
  13. Fertility Yoga DVD and Bracelet (2)
  14. Fertile Focus Ovulation Microscope (2)
  15. Fertility Tea (2)
  16. FertileCM Fertility Supplement (2)
  17. Fertilaid for Women Fertility Supplement (2)
  18. Fertilaid for Men Fertility Supplement (2)
  1. Tranny Lego from The Bloggess
  2. Handmade Little Girls Apron
  3. Handmade Womens Apron
  4. Custom Blog Button with Matching Header!
  5. Digital and Paper Scrapbook Kits
  6. Drabby to Fabby Swag 3-Fer!! Over $150 retail value!
  7. First Slot for Follow Friday
  8. The IVF Companion
  9. 3 Custom UPrint Packages from Zany DeZines - Courtesy of Brittany Ciara
  10. $50 Massage Envy Gift Card
  11. From the Heart: A Collection of Stories and Poems from the Front Lines of Parenting
  12. Scentsy Brick - 1 full pound of wax - in the new Spring Scent Red Candy Apple!
  13. Custom Tie Blanket - Great for babies and little ones!
  14. Adorable Handmade Tutus by Alicia
  15. Peace and Love Antique Silver Swarovski Pearl Bracelet - Gray
AND the WINNER of this giveaway is JUNE!!! Her number was 4!!! Congrats hon!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Nonsense and Gibberish

So I've recently found the page for Friday Follow and I think it's pretty awesome. I love meeting new people and I have been blog hopping this morning reading about everything. I was looking forward to participating in the Friday Follow blog hop but now that Friday is here I don't really have a post! I've been feeling ill the last few days and my head is never on right when I am sick. Wait, it's never really on right. But shhh!!
So I thought I would do a Random Facts About Me post. Bear with me, I have to think now. My monkeys raided my bed last night so mommy didn't sleep well! I ended up on the couch for some peace, but only a few moments of peace before Draven realized mommy wasn't next to him any longer!

Fact Number 1:
I am deathly afraid of street grates! I will not walk over them, and I freak out when Todd or the monkeys walk near them! Maybe Stephen King caused this fear with IT, who knows!

Fact Number 2: 
I hate diamonds and gold!! Yes, really really!!! I think they are over advertised and make women look shallow because they NEED them in order to be proven love! Every ad I've seen makes it seem like a man just doesn't love his woman unless he's spending thousands on a little rock. I've never owned a diamond and my man loves me plenty!

Fact Number 3: 
I was the first person in my entire family to graduate high school and go to college!!! Yay me!!! And now I even own my own company.

Fact Number 4: 
This one has caused my hubby to mock me frequently. I hate overcooked onions and peppers because of the way they crunch in my mouth! They have a different type of feel and I just cannot stand it!

Fact Number 5:
My favorite job that I have ever had (besides being a designer) was working construction in Jacksonville, FL. It was FUN and I learned a lot of carpentry that I use now around the house.

Fact Number 6:
I'm addicted to coffee.

Fact Number 7:
I LOVE to garden. Fruits, flowers, veggies! I find it relaxing and very rewarding.

Fact Number 8:
I'm a sucker for kids selling stuff! I'll buy something every time. When I was a Brownie, I heard NO a lot when selling cookies, so I won't tell kids 'no' now!

Fact Number 9:
Patience is not something I was born with.

Fact Number 10:
I have small panic attacks every time I see a vehicle approaching me on the highway. I always have this fear that THIS vehicle is going to be the one that loses control and smashes into me.

So now you know some random and completely irrelevant facts about me!


Thursday, May 27, 2010

Share a Spoon - Delectable Meatloaf

Think Tank Momma

Today is Share a Spoon Thursday! Today's recipe topic is Comfort Foods. Head over to Think Tank Momma's to link up and find some more awesome recipes. One of my most favorite recipes that comforts me the most is one my Grandmother and Mother used to make when I was younger. It's pretty simple and my monkeys actually ate it!!

It's a Meatloaf. I know, I know, there are a lot of crazy meatloaf recipes out there that you wouldn't even want to feed to your worst enemy. I myself am quite the picky eater! So try this one. It's yummy!!

In a large bowl combine:
2 lbs ground beef or turkey (we've replaced red meats in our house, still just as good)
2 eggs
1 cup oatmeal (instant or whole, doesn't matter)
3 tablespoons finely chopped onion or onion powder
2 tablespoons garlic powder
1 teaspoon parsley
and I add a few dashes of seasonal salt for extra flavor

After combined, pour mix into an ungreased cake pan and shape into a nice, pretty mound that goes the length of the pan.
Pour 4 cans Cream of Mushroom soup, straight out of the can, on top of the loaf and spread evenly around. Cover with Tin Foil and bake in oven at 350 degrees for 60-90 minutes (depending on your elevation).

I serve this with steamed broccoli and seasoned mashed potatoes. It is very yummy!! Enjoy!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Wordless Wednesday - Bonsai

This is my mother's day gift the day after I got it, and about a week after I got it. Now it has about 5 of those pretty flowers on it.

 For more Wordless Wednesday posts visit 5 Minutes for Moms.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Ragtime Debbie

My awesome best friend and I are always on yahoo chatting. 
She is such a riot. Always making me laugh. I can’t remember a day in the last few weeks we haven’t chatted. She is my inner-voice that I should listen to more often, my fitness partner, my diet lecturer, one of the greatest moms I know, my support system, my upper when I am down, my crying shoulder, an amazing cook, brutally- and bluntly-honest, and one of the most prissy, primping women I know! And what’s more is she is a RARE kind of friend, one who isn’t two-faced or conniving. She’s loyal and just simply amazing!!! I love her more than anything (except my monkeys). We’ve known each other since we were 12. This is a recent conversation between she and I that had me rolling in my chair unable to continue typing!!! 
She is stephy800 and I am Vallorianne.

stephy800: I am avoiding doing anything useful. Like cleaning.
stephy800: Ugh. Don't wanna.
Vallorianne: lol
stephy800: It’s too messy to clean.
Vallorianne: what do you want to do?
stephy800: Um. I don't know. Go shopping? Spend $$ I don't have.
when my house get really out of control, i do it in bits. i'll do something for 10 minutes, then do something i want to do like sit on my ass in front of the laptop
stephy800: Hell 10 min wouldn't get anything done around here.
stephy800: I was all set on cleaning all day. Then I remembered I needed to post. And there went my day.
Vallorianne: i mean, spend 10 minutes doing SOMETHING. whether or not it completes the project
Vallorianne: i woke up at 6am to clean mine today!!
stephy800: Eh. I'm gonna go shower for 10 minutes. How's that?
Vallorianne: ROFL! will it complete the project?
stephy800: Hell no.
vallorianne: lol
stephy800: Then I have moisturizing to do.
And hair to dry.
And make up to do.
Vallorianne: you know what I've realized about you?
stephy800: Lol Nope.
Vallorianne: you're not happy unless you're bitching about ANYTHING at all
stephy800: Well DUH.
Vallorianne: are you allowed at the hospital?
stephy800: Um. What? The hospital?
Vallorianne: it's a no complaint zone
stephy800: It is?
Vallorianne: yeah, ever notice the BANNERS all over the place???
stephy800: Nope.
Vallorianne: did the bouncers chuck your ass out of there already?
stephy800: And nope.
Vallorianne: they probably have you in their radar
Vallorianne: bouncer 1: ok guys, she's pulling in across the street. think today might just be a park day.
stephy800: Lmao
vallorianne: bouncer 2: it's my first day, PLEASE don't let her come over here. i'm not trained for this
stephy800: Oh yea. You're hilarious.
Vallorianne: (insert 3 little smiley heads rolling on the floor laughing)
stephy800: I'm gonna go shower now miss freakin sunshine.
Vallorianne: bouncer 1:  it's ok, rookie, she's pulling a picnic basket out. we're safe
stephy800: (insert little smiley sticking out his tongue)
vallorianne: love you
stephy800: Love you!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Monday Minute - *snort* edition


This week's Monday Minute is a special edition in honor of Daffy. Daffy's 30-something sister passed away last week after her benign brain tumor took a quick turn for the worst. Please keep Daffy and her family (including her sister's husband and young son) in your prayers as they do what they can to make it through this difficult time. Go check out Ian's page to link up yourself. And stop by Daffy's page and give her some love!

1 - Do you *snort*?
I can't say that I do. I've been known to laugh so hard that I'd kinda snort, but that's rare!

2 - Our friend, has a nickname and it's Daffy.  What's your nickname?
Jes or Sis

3 - Do you know sign language?
Actually I am learning this as I teach my 2- and 3-year olds. I want them to be well rounded and educated so that means I have to be more educated!!!  It's pretty awesome!

4 - What's a sample convo from your hood?
This would probably be with my brother-in-law. He stopped by a few nights ago, completely inebriated. I lectured him about not drinking, yes, like a fool I was lecturing a drunk. He tells me, "Yo, I've been this way for 20 years, why change now, Sis??" I was like "wtf?? Man, You gotta go!"

5 - Do you sleep with electronic devices - i.e. laptop, Blackberry, iPhone, etc?
I sleep with my laptop and cell phone right next to me, often both kids are hogging most of the bed though! Often my laptop is playing music though.


Friday, May 21, 2010


Hello blog-world!
I am participating in what's known around the world as Mission Monkey Day!  What is Mission Monkey you ask? Well, there's this blogger friend of ours known as Pixie Momma, aka Michelle. Michelle has a little girl, or Monkey as she's known by, who was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma. To learn more about it, click here. Monkey is a sweet little 16-month-old girl. She doesn't deserve this. Nobody deserves this.

But the good news is that Monkey only has Stage 1 (low risk).  The bad news is the medical bills are mounting and the Physical Therapy, which starts today, isn't covered by insurance. Michelle is using the donated money to offset medical bills. She will donate any unused portion to another family dealing with the same issue.

This is why the blogging universe is banning together like never before to rally around Michelle and Monkey to provide support. In addition, to further entice you to lend your hand and donate to the cause, we have over 50 items that have been donated. Many bloggers are hosting these fabulous giveaways and all you need to win one of these items is just one raffle ticket.

Donation pages:
Princess of Sarcasm -
The One and Only Oka -
SupahMommy -
Jenn B Says #1 -
Jenn B Says #2 -
Amber -
Two Little Monkeys -
Mommy's Nest -
Chief's Hiding From the Kids -
Jenny -
Jana -

You may donate any amount of money via PayPal as it's linked directly to Michelle's bank account. However, in order to be a part of the raffle, this is how it's going to go. If you donate the following, you get the subsequent number of entries:

  • $10 - 2 entries
  • $20 - 5 entries
  • $30 - 10 entries
  • $40 - 15 entries
  • $50 - 20 entries
  • $75 - 35 entries
  • $100 - 50 entries
  • $200 - 125 entries
The raffles for each item will start on or around July 1st.

Click on monkey to donate...please help!

If you are donating money via PayPal, I need to know who it's coming from. For example, look at the first picture below. The link takes to you this screen. Press the plus sign and then indicate your blog name/blog email address so I can track you accordingly.

And, here's the thing: this could be any of our kids.  
Thank you for your time and thank you for your donation.

There are also a few other things going on to celebrate Mission Monkey so please visit them all!

 Mommy's Swag Bag

Twitter party!
More info can be found here - CASH PRIZES!!!!!!

Kerri over at Kerri's Klutter is donating $1 for each and every linkup she receives for her weekly meme, Comment Love LettersIn addition, Adrienne is matching Kerri's donation dollar for dollar!  Go and link up and support Mission Monkey!

ZGirl and Travis are participating in a weight loss challenge and they are asking for your sponsorship. Please visit them and lend your support!

Jenn, over at BabyStepsInHighHeels, has a challenge where she's going to donate $1 for every comment/new follower from now until the end of May. Please visit her!



Thursday, May 20, 2010

Share a Spoon - Grilled Tilapia

Thursday is Share A Spoon day created and hosted by ZGirl over at Think Tank Momma. The theme for this week is Grill It Up! Check out her site for more awesome recipes.

This isn't a fancy recipe, I sort of made it up along the way.
I took three tilapia filets and sprinkled both sides with

Black Pepper, and
Garlic Powder.

I grilled them for about 15 minutes on each side (only because I had the HARDEST time getting the charcoal to get hot, fish this thin generally cooks much quicker).
Then I served it with a few drops of Lemon Juice and Seasoned Mashed Potatoes.
Very easy! Here are a few images of the yummy grilling process. The great part of it was, my picky Monkeys ACTUALLY ate it!!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Monkey Minute!

Monday Minutes, hosted by Ian, are now being referred to as Monkey Minutes in support of Michelle over at My Pixie Dreams. Her baby girl has recently been diagnosed with cancer!!! Ugh!!! Poor baby! We are all pulling together in an attempt to raise money for the family. Click on the link to the left to donate whatever you possible can. Even the smallest amount can make a difference!


Have you ever peed in the shower/bath/pool?
 Well of course! Once I grew up I stopped peeing in the bath and pools though!

What is your biggest pet peeve?
Having to turn my husbands nasty dirty socks right side out when I do laundry. EWW!!!

What's the story behind your blog title?
My daughter has a little pink monkey (thanks tanya!!), her BEST friend, and she names him COCO when she was 1 year old! My son has a little, chubby Hippo, and as we were telling him to call him Hippo, my daughter and son both pronounced it HOPO instead. And my life is so much about them as I am a stay-at-home mom for the time being, so I thought naming it for them was appropriate!

What is your definition of success?
Having everything you need, and most of the things you want, without really being greedy or selfish about getting it.

If you were famous, what would you want to be famous for?   
I want to be a famous scrapbook paper designer, to the point that my company name, Kallio Kalleidoscapes, is a household name!!!


Saturday, May 15, 2010

Lifetime Glance

When something you thought would last forever ends, reality disappears. Death seems inevitable as the heart breaks into millions and millions of tiny shards. Yet every morning the sun rises and every evening the sun sets. Life goes on...
I wrote this for my wedding, five and a half years ago, for the man I was sure I'd be with forever. It was a gift I read to him after our vows were spoken. It took me three months to write it!

Standing far away from me, 
in a crowd I didn’t know,
In a dark, deserted parking lot 
cold with winter’s snow,
Was a wingless fallen angel 
more beautiful than rain,
Who captured every part of me, 
and healed my every pain.
There must have been some music, 
everyone was full of dance,
Laughter and maybe cheering, 
a party friendly circumstance.
But I didn’t here the laughter, 
nor any kind of tune.
Time and space were placid 
as I stood beneath the moon.
My gaze was firmly fixed, 
my body was so still,
My blood was nearly frozen, 
but it wasn’t from the chill.
His motions seemed to flow, 
he possessed a delicate grace,
With the universe in his eyes, 
and my future on his face.
When he smiled, my heart stumbled, 
and could hardly find a beat.
Something deep inside of me, 
told me we should meet.
I didn’t hear his voice that night, 
nor the sound of his name.
And I knew that he was meant for me, 
soon he’d feel the same.
A million moments passed me by 
as I wandered out of control,
To drift across the parking lot, 
to a man I didn’t know.
I was compelled by unseen forces, 
and even forgot to breathe.
I would have given anything, 
to have him notice me.
Well, fate was on my side, 
and soon I touched his heart.
Our love became a masterpiece, 
a priceless piece of art.
I never thought it possible, 
to be in love like this,
With someone who wields magic 
in his warm and tender kiss.
Six years now have passed, 
and today I am his bride.
And still he is the angel 
that has never left my side.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Aloha Friday - Who's on my list??

In response to Aloha Friday

and my Bestie's Who's on Your List post, I am gonna kind of answer both questions.

What celebrity do you admire and why?

Probably among one of millions here but I just LOVE Johnny Depp! He is one of the most versatile actors I've seen. He plays a crazy guy, a psycho, a lover, a romantic, a protector, a sexy pirate, a detective, good guy, bad guy, and everything in between like no other!!
He just rocks! There isn't a movie I wouldn't buy if he were in it!!! 

As for the "list" of celebs my hubby and I would be "allowed" to be with, we've never actually talked about it. Although his fascination with Milla Jovovich is NOOOOO secret. I have to get up and get him tissues to clean his drool every time her name is merely mentioned!! Freak!! Although Johnny is a fave actor, he's NOT on MY list. I don't think of him that way. Crazy huh??

My Men are:

1. Nicolas Cage... oh yeah, he's such a GREAT bad guy!! I love the way he moves and holds himself.

2. Matthew McConaughey... come on.. who wouldn't??

3. Vin Deisel... look at that body!!! Sexy voice! He's good, he's bad, and he's yummy.

4. Gerard Butler... Oh my, the things I would do to him!

5. Eric Bana... Hector was just the sexiest Trojan EVER!!!

So, who's on your list??

Thursday, May 13, 2010

We Have a WINNER!!!

First of all, THANKS to everyone who participated in my poll. I really appreciate all the feedback that was given.

Between the three giveaways, I will be able to determine which scrapbook line is best to have manufactured next.

Secondly, there has been a winner!

Remember, this is everything that was up for grabs!!

One Flower Commotion 8x8" paper packet, One Dreaming Draven digital kit, and one sample set of Jolly Neptune.

And the Winner is...

Congratulations Jeannette Riley!!! Contact me please so I can get your package shipped out!

Monday, May 10, 2010

A Minute For Monkey

This week's Monday Minute is dedicated to Michelle at My Pixie Dreams. Her sweet baby girl has recently been diagnosed with Cancer. Darling Lil Monkey is only 16 months old!!! Heartbreaking and hard to believe, but it's true!! Visit Michelle at her Blog and show her some love and support please! She needs all she can get right now. Also, head on over to The Daily dose of Reality to read and link up with more Monday Minutes!

1 - How old do you act?
I feel like I act about 75, unless I'm not getting what I want, then it's more like 7!

2 - As far back as you can remember, what did you want to be when you grew up?
Well, when I was really young (yes I was once!!) I wanted to be in a band with Bon Jovi! Woot! As I got older I wanted to be an architect because I love math and drawing, or was it a lawyer cause they make lots of money and I was inspired by that movie A Few Good Men. Then I wanted to be a computer programmer cause it was the "future". Then I thought about being a hair stylist, but my grandma talked me out of that saying it was a waste of my talent!! So I went to art school!

3 - If you were to write a book based on your life, what would the title be?
"I didn't plan this, but I'll roll with it anyhow"

4 - What's something that you do that's considered "childish" by most?
I argue with my TWO- and THREE-year-olds like I am one of them!!

5 - The last question isn't a question. Write a story of a time of when you or someone you know overcame great adversity.
My whole life has been filled with adversity!! Went through hell with my alcoholic relatives. Didn't get along with my mom because of her addictions so she sent us to live with my extremely poor grandmother and 11 other people. I was raised incredibly poor, didn't have money for college in my family but I went. Thankfully my Dad was able to help some but I earned the rest through grants and scholarships with my grades. I broke my back at 26, broke my pelvis during my first childbirth attempt and refuse to just lay down and "rest". Went through a very hard time after my dad passed away, and have been having a terrible time with my marriage. But my chin is up and I am still on my path to making my dreams come true with my 2 amazing children because it's something I want more than chocolate. I just keep believing it will happen. Never giving up!!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Scrapbook Paper Poll and Giveaway!

Yes, another paper giveaway! 

Some of you may have recently participated in a couple giveaways featuring my Flower Commotion paper scrapbooking kit. You were asked to go to my website and vote for your favorite paper kit. First of all, thank you to those who participated in those two giveaways hosted by The Blue Zoo and Becky's Bits N Pieces. I appreciate all the encouraging words from everyone!

Now I am going to do one more giveaway, and I am going to step this one up a bit! On the line for this giveaway is a sample set of my Jolly Neptune paper scrapbook kit, my Dreaming Draven digital kit, and Flower Commotion. All of this will go to ONE lucky winner!!

The purpose of this giveaway is to take a poll on which of my Scrapbook lines people would like to see available next. I am very interested in everyone's feedback, so please say all you like in your comments. Don't be shy!

Here are the rules for this giveaway:

1. Go to my website Inside the Scrapbook Shop, you'll find sample clips of all my current scrapbook designs.
2. Click on each of the links to see a full-size sample of each of the scrapbook lines.
3. Come back here and tell me which scrapbook line you would like to see printed and available as a paper kit next!

And that is it!!
When it is time for manufacturing, I will tally up the poll, including the votes from the previous 2 giveaways, and whichever paper line you all voted on the most is the one I will be printing!

I am very excited to include everyone in this decision process. I hope you are all just as excited!

As soon as my Kallio Kalleidoscapes Facebook page hits 1000 friends, I will be doing a random drawing to see who is the winner for the above mentioned products!

So thank you all for your participation. Bring in those votes!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Sunny Days are HERE!!!

FINALLY a nice day! We decided to take the kids to the park to play on their new bikes!

Daddy pulled the bikes out of the truck. Kids started shouting! I was gonna be FUN!!!

Well, Kaida looked happy at least!

So we're getting ready to put them on their bikes and teach them to ride! THEN Daddy pulls the golf clubs out of the back of the truck!

Yeah. Here are the kids running from the bikes!!!

And here are the bikes watching the kids play golf with Daddy.

Little golfers! At least they were having fun!

Her swing really goes ALL THE WAY AROUND, that's why the ball is behind her!! :)

He was SOOOOOOO into this!! This is the first thing we've discovered that actually kept his attention for at least 20 minutes!! Golfing is HIS sport!! His papa will be pleased!

 Following Daddy! LOVE this picture!

 Swinging... sliding... climbing... fun Fun FUN!!!

And there the bikes sit. Lonely. Forgotten.
But the GREATEST part of the afternoon was when Daddy, after getting everything loaded up and the kids belted in, realized his truck key fell off the ring!! What??? He was ALL over the park!!!

So he and I got out and began our hunt for the KEY!!! 
15 minutes of wandering, looking in the grass.


So I get the kids out to help us, maybe they'd be able to notice it being closer to the ground and all. You never know!!

Another 15 minutes of wandering.

So Todd goes over to the truck to look around it once again.
Guess where the key was????

It was on the drivers seat!!!!

 All in all, it was a nice day! We grilled afterwards, and had yummy Chocolate banana shakes to go with dinner!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Frog Boots on Little Feet

Isn't this just the cutest???

He HAS to wear these things ALL the TIME!!!

He EVEN wore them to church yesterday!!!

He's so stinkin' cute!! LOVE that boy!!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Kaida's Colors

See this???


And This???

And these???

Those are Kaida's colors!!! She's learning to draw circles...

All over the walls (every wall in the house), the floors, the oven, the fridge, the couch, the coffee tables, and even our 50" Plasma base!!!

See that one above?? That's the plasma!!

See this??

That's a very happy Kaida. She is quite proud of her colors!!!

See this one??

That's another very proud Kaida!! Can you see the writing on the wall? She's quite talented!!

Guess what the colors are??
Bright green permanent SHARPIE marker!!!!
Yeah... she's following in her mommy's artistic footsteps.
I'm... so.... proud.

But I must add, these beautiful wall hieroglyphics took place while mommy was 3 hours away in Vegas for physical therapy and daddy was left in charge.


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