Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A Little of This and Some of That

So a few things here. Gonna just cram it all into one post, so just deal with my rambling!

First of All, Baby Draikaiden's ROP is GONE! Gone, gone, GONE!!!! YAY!!!
He has had bronchitis the past few weeks, now that the other 2 have recovered from RSV. Seriously if it's not one thing it's another!

Second, Draven is getting minor surgery this Friday for an undescending testicle. Poor little guy. But I think it's better NOW than when he's in his teens and will remember it more. It's out-patient surgery, so everything should be fine... knock on wood.

Third, I woke up 2 Wednesday's ago with a crink in my neck that has turned into the most horrible pain I have felt in my spine since I broke my back nearly 7 years ago! Todd has massaged it to the point that it feels bruised, then he sent me to a professional Massage Therapist, I've been in the Hot Tub, taken a hot bath with minerals, freakishly laid on ice packs, taken muscle relaxers and Lortabs, even attempted to hang upside-down (yes you read that correctly). And then we went to the Chiropractor who I thought of ALL people would FIX it. Him and the other Dr. in that office tried a couple times each, they put me on a stretching table, massage table, electrotherapy, ice, tried adjusting again... and STILL it FREAKING hurt like hell when darling hubby and I had our date night to go see Devil Driver and Danzig. Went the ER here and got stronger meds that are making me pretty loopy and knocking me out, thankfully Daddy is off all week and Uncle Derek is with us once again, so being knocked out for a few hours isn't so bad! But it is seriously depressing having something wrong with me ALL. THE. FREAKING. TIME! I was just starting to feel better after the walking pneumonia and got back into a workout routine and now this! It makes me CRY! AAAAHHHH!

Fourth, I'm not able to accomplish much lately, mostly because of the physical ailments that I have had just about enough of! Jana is STILL waiting on her picture and it's sad because I have the smallest touching up to do and then just need to put it all back together for her! Poor Jana! I swear I'll have it done this century!

Fifth, Easter was Fantastic! Besides my nagging pain, we had a wonderful day. Todd's youngest brother was released from incarceration Easter Sunday and we also celebrated Todd's Birthday that day. Yummy food, it was the kids' VERY first Easter Baskets and Egg hunt. They had a blast! Grandma and Papa were here! Great times.

And the last thing I want to mention to all my followers is that there is going to be a change with my page. My heart is on designing. My ultimate goal in life is to have a major Scrapbook company where everyone WANTS to buy my designs. I love to write, but I will be changing this blog to a crafting blog. I want to show off my paper designs, I have 8 kits completed and NO money to have them printed! I need to start somewhere. So since that is where my heart is, I will be writing much less, complaining much less, and doing layouts with my papers, some digital, and sometimes I'll be using other peoples kits too. I will always give credit where credit is due, and you will know where you can find the elements I use. Someday I hope to have all of my designs in the big scrapbook stores.

So, this may be the last actual blog post from me, from now on they will be about crafting. I will be revamping my site and possibly giving it a new name. I hope to keep your interests since my layouts will still contain stories of things that go on in our daily lives. And I may also pick 1 day a week to have a regular blog post. If I had the energy, time, and focus to have 2 blogs I certainly would, but the baby still needs a lot of my attention and Kaida is getting ready for homeschooling.

Here are some Easter photos of my cute monkeys! I hope everyone else had a Wonderful Holiday!


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