Thursday, January 27, 2011

Alphabet Time Turns into a Laughing Matter

Mommy: (holding up card of the letter T with a tooth on it)
What’s this?

Draven: I have one!

Kaida: It’s a …

Daddy: (taps on his teeth)

Kaida: TEETH!

Mommy: That’s right! And what letter is it?

Kaida: Ummmmm…

Mommy: What letter does Daddy’s name start with?

Draven: (tapping his teeth)

Kaida: Ummmmm…

Mommy: It’s the letter T. T-t-tooth. T-t-Todd. T.
(next card)
What’s this? (pointing to umbrella)

Kaida: It’s a… (we’ve never actually used one before, even though I have like 4 in the closet, so they weren’t sure)

Mommy: It’s an umbrella. And what letter is this? (pointing to the U)

Kaida: Ummmmm…

Mommy: It’s the letter U.

Kaida: It’s the letter Me.

Mommy: No, it’s the letter U.

Kaida: It’s the letter Me.

Mommy: (laughing) No baby, it’s a U.

Kaida: It’s a MEE! (smiles)

Mommy: (laughing really hard) OK, next letter.
(skipping forward to W)
What’s this? (pointing to a little red Wagon)

Draven: It’s at Grama’s house!!! (eyes light up)

Mommy: That’s right.

Kaida: We pull it around like this… (motioning her arm pulling the wagon)

Mommy: That’s right, and what letter is this?

Kaida: Ummm…

Mommy: It’s a W.

Kaida: It’s a double Me.

Mommy: (hysterical now) No, No, it’s a W.

Kaida: It’s a double Me!

Mommy: (lost for words, laughing at her serious face) No baby a W.

Kaida: (Shrieks out), It’s a DOUBLE ME!!!

Mommy: hahahahahahahahahahaha. OK, next letter…


  1. Thanks for the laughter girl...such sweet babies we have here! giggling at Draven's'a a grandma's house!


  2. LOL! That is the cutest thing ever!!

  3. I love this!!! Hahaha! It's so hard in the beginning, but so cute!

  4. How old is this child?! Wow! Kaida, you are clever!!



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