Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A Solution to My Problem

And so I saw the Doctor. Well, technically, she’s a Nurse Practitioner, one of the most comfortable medical personnel I’ve ever spoken with.  I am posting this for all my friends who were interested in knowing what they can do for themselves in this similar situation. You will need to see a Dr., but you can ask them about this method! She asked me all kinds of questions about what’s going on in my head and in my life. She spoke with me for 45 minutes!! I just LOVE her! I hope they never take her away from Tonopah!

She’s a riot. I told her how little the hubby helps, how much he whines that he has to go to work so he doesn’t think he needs to do anything around the house or with the kids, and then I told her what he does at work! She said if she knew how to fix these kinds of things, she’d still be married! ROFL!

I let her know that when he is with the kids nobody is actually being taken care of, including the house, and it pisses me off. He doesn’t listen, he doesn’t respond to me, and when he does his only response is that I am only worrying about the wrong thing, Mom things are things I shouldn’t worry about. I told her how irrational I feel ALL the time, how I can’t control my emotions, I go from happy, to sad, to looking for a murder weapon in a 60 second period. I told her how unresponsive I am to everything, I don’t want to participate in anything, I cry over everything and nothing all the time, and I drive even myself crazy. I gave her some history, let her know about the traumatic birth of the baby. Let her know about past attempts with anti-depressants after having Draven. I could have talked to her all day over drinks easily, she is just awesome! Really!

But anyways, she thought that an anti-depressant would not be good for me. Especially since I tried 2 different ones in the past, and 2 different doses of 1 of those, and none had any effect on me. And it had meaning that when I stopped taking them, I had absolutely no side effects. When my hubby misses one or two, he has insane side effects. And I also told on him! I let her know that he cuts his pills in half, so he isn’t taking his full dose! She was upset and told me what to tell him to get him to take the full dose, and I think it worked! LOL! And trust me, he NEEDS them! It’s either he takes them, or I kill him, Sorry Becky! :)

So, what she suggested is an anxiety pill. Since I have good moments, I mean, I will go almost a whole day feeling great, not getting set off, crying, or feeling down. She said when I feel my emotions getting out of control, I can just take one of these pills and it will calm my emotions and my nerves so that I don’t want to kill my husband (her words exactly). She wants me to try this for a month and see how I like it. When I go back to see her, if I want to change things, there is an anti-depressant that is mostly for women. It increases the endorphins, and two other things in the brain that I can’t remember now that you use up when you are stressed. It’s mostly used for women, and I’m not sure why, but I told her she can prescribe me two bottles of it, and I will change out my husband’s pills with these ones and maybe make HIM a happier being too! Sounds like a plan to me! She agreed.

Unfortunately, after talking with me, she said most of my emotional issues are situational. Since I am still extremely hormonal, and have little support from the male, it’s making me feel worse! And that’s also the other reason she didn’t want to prescribe the anti-depressant. She could medicate me all I want, but the problems will still be there. I told her I’ve asked many times for him to do marriage counseling and he refuses. So she is going to refer me to a counselor for women in Vegas. She said to just do what I can handle for now, and focus on myself and the kids.

So I guess the only thing left to do is tie the male up to railroad tracks and torture him until he agrees to my terms of the perfect marriage. When we go to Vegas next Tuesday, I will have him go into the hardware store and get some rope and stakes.


  1. LOL... I love the rope and stakes comment!
    MEN! Ugh... I have yet to meet one that doesn't need a giant hearing aid. Good luck with the oldest male in your family.
    Thank you for the update on your medical visit. So wonderful that the "Dr" is so willing to talk AND listen!

    Hugs and Blessings,

  2. Praying for you Jess, I am just in awe of your spirit at times I remember and things were not good with my marrige after stress of the baby , hospital bills payments over due life running but I can tell you that it will get better. I will pray for you and pray that you feel the presence of relief.. and remember you can always escape to Northern Michigan with me ROFLMAO .. I can tell you shoveling the 8 new freaking inches of snow that just fell today makes you want to just live here all the time lol.. Praying .. Christy

  3. I like the idea of keeping him medicated so you can be happier. =) Is there a pill that will make men do the dishes, vacuume, help with homework, and then still rub my feet? Cause that would be awesome.



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