Saturday, March 5, 2011

A Few Days of Winter, a Brief Trip to Hell, and More News That Makes My Heart Sink

Beautiful snowy nights. Things I always loved from my childhood. Somehow the entire night is illuminated and you can see the giant flakes coming down in the middle of the night leaving a thick blanket of white on the desolate, dry desert we live in. We wake up the following morning to a gorgeous, bright, white fluffy day. Unfortunately, 4 of the 5 people in this household are sick! So we didn’t get to go sledding on the hill behind our house, didn’t get to make snowmen, and didn’t get to freeze our tushies off!

Kaida was sick first, had been sick for over a week and a half. She started to get a little better. It was just a cough and a runny nose. Now Draven was sick. But he wasn’t getting better, and he suddenly developed a rash that covered his entire body! And had fevers over 103! With his history of pneumonia, I don’t really mess around when he coughs like this! So Todd took him to the clinic here in Tonopah. The nurse practitioner who saw him told my husband that since the boy has been sick for a few days, he’d be fine. The cold would work its way out of his system. And the rash? She said that was something viral and it would just work its way out of his system. Didn’t test him for anything. Didn’t give him anything. Then sent him home. I was pissed, really wish I would have taken him instead of trusting Daddy to do it. But it was done. Our friend who works there tried to talk the practitioner into fitting Todd in, because he was incredibly sick also, and she had 3 cancellations, but she wasn’t interested in helping anyone.

Kaida started coughing again. And that upset me, because she was almost over it. But what really got to me the most was now the baby was coughing. We had an appointment scheduled in Vegas for all three kids’ immunizations with a REAL doctor but it wasn’t for another week. But we had to wait.

Now, I’m not going to go into detail on how this day went. It literally makes me cry when I think of it. It was a horrible day. Me and all three kids in Vegas, all 3 of them sick, I had about 3 hours of sleep plus I was still sick, was up at 2 am getting ready for the drive, getting kids ready. Our first appointment was at 7:50 am…

Well, maybe I need to go into a little more detail, this is an update from the Eye Doctor: Sheer Persistence or Potential Scam? We got to the new eye doctor’s office at 7:30 am (you remember, one of the ones that doesn’t exist in Vegas). We were literally the FIRST patients to arrive. We waited for 2 and a-half-hours, they dilated his eyes, took us to the back to ask Qs and get all the info they needed on him. After 2 and a-half-hours (I REALLY wish I was exaggerating) we finally saw the doctor who came in to tell us that she doesn’t have the instrument needed to look at an ROP patient.

Um… WTF?!?! Are you kidding me???!!!?!

She was mad at her staff, and I reminded her that I made the appointment 3 WEEKS AGO. She said that noone informed her of an ROP patient. Needless to say, she worked it out so that a member of her staff drove across town to get the instrument and bring it back. The baby missed his physical therapy appointment because of our initial wait, but we went to another appointment across town while they got their shit together. We came back, she did the exam, and it turns out that he does indeed have ROP Stage 1. She explained it to me in more detail than the other doctor ever did, and said she’d see him back in 2 weeks. I gave her the card for the other eye Dr., signed a release, and me and the kids hauled ass out of there and down to Henderson where their Pediatrician is.

We waited another 2 and a-half-hours in this waiting room. My poor hungry and thirsty kids. I really didn’t think it was going to take this long or I would have brought in snacks for them. I explain things to the Doc, the first thing he does is test them all for RSV. Kaida and Draven are positive. O.M.G!! Inside, I am freaking out! Outside, I am listening to what he plans to do about it. He gave me the meds to treat them all, breathing treatments, strong antibiotics for the older 2, an awful nasal spray that makes them both cry, and Singulair.

So, no immunizations that day. Kids are exhausted, cranky, hungry, Mommy is something that I cannot even describe! We load up, and get back on the road heading for N. Vegas. It took us an hour in rush hour traffic, so the kids got a nice nap in at least. I pull up at IHOP, where I promised them some pancakes with strawberries and whipped cream. I call my husband to update him, and I lost it. I was just soooo overwhelmed. The day was hell and it wasn’t even over yet!

We ate our yummy pancakes, went over to Walmart where it took over an hour to get the scripts filled, did some grocery shopping, filled up the truck, and began our 3 hour trek back home. Thank goodness for the mp3 player hubby bought me, because without good music to sing along with I’d never be able to stay awake!

And that was it. Two of my babies have RSV, an incredibly dangerous and contagious respiratory infection that is extremely bad for the baby, and the baby has ROP. Other than that, everyone is great! I need to post soon on the progress the baby is making with some photos!

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  1. Oh Sweet Jess. You are a tough Mom! You can get through it. I am praying for you all the right requests. Take it slow, take care of the kids and yourself. No worry on the house.



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