Friday, March 11, 2011

What is Priceless to You?

1 completely wasted trip for Draven to see an incompetent, uneducated, cranky, and unhelpful Nurse Practitioner: approximately $120 and mostly covered by insurance.

1 roundtrip to Las Vegas; fuel, food, drinks, and shopping: $380.
Appointments for all three kids to see an amazing Pediatrician who diagnosed the older two with RSV:  approximately $600 and mostly covered by insurance.

1 prescription for Albuterol Sulfate vials for Nebulizer: $284.85 completely covered by insurance.

1 prescription for Pulmicort Nebulizer Medication: $249.24 completely covered by insurance.

2 prescriptions for Singulair for all three kids: $278.34 (out of pocket expense $55.66).

1 prescription for Cefdinir, antibiotic for the older two: $143.54 completely covered by insurance.

1 prescription for Nasonex for the older two: $118.62 (out of pocket expense $21.77).

1 visit to the Dr. for the hubby: approximately $120 mostly covered by insurance.

1 prescription of an antibiotic that did absolutely nothing for him: $21.60 covered by insurance.

1 visit for me to the Dr. where I learned my hubby and I have either bronchitis or walking pneumonia and I have lost 10 pounds (WOOHOO!!): approximately $120 mostly covered by insurance.

2 boxes of Girl Scout Thin Mint Cookies, because I just can't resist this cookie and they make the world a better place!: $8

2 prescriptions for my husband and I, 10 pills for us each of Levaquin, an antibiotic strong enough to slow anthrax after exposure: $371.12 (out of pocket expense $74.22).

1 prescription for both my husband and I of a strong cough syrup, Cheratussin: $4.43 covered by insurance.

1 upcoming roundtrip to Vegas WITH the hubby whether he likes it or not; fuel, food, shopping, lunch with Uncle Derek, and 5 Dr.’s appointments: approximately $500.

1 upcoming visit to the Lung Specialist for the Baby: approximately $250 mostly covered by insurance.

1 upcoming RSV shot for the Baby: $2100 and COMPLETELY covered by insurance.

Having a husband who has an amazing job with amazing insurance and who is willing to take care of his family in THIS way: PRICELESS!!!

Having the abilities to take care of our family and see a Dr. when we need to and get the medications we all need, and being able to prevent the baby from contracting RSV and be hospitalized again: PRICELESS!!!

And thinking of how the Obama administration is planning on changing all of this so that we will no longer have these freedoms, so that all of the people who voted him into office and the people who voted against him, basically ALL the people except those sitting on their high towers in government offices will no longer be able to take care of their families like this, makes me want triple my anxiety medication before I send THEM all the bills I have from Draikaiden’s 3 month stay in the hospital and every visit thereafter and see how they think we should pay for it without insurance! Maybe they’ll be so kind as to pay for it themselves, since I am sure that with 2 or 3 paychecks they can cover the million dollars worth of expenses. No wait, I believe according to his thinking, Draikaiden being born so early, he didn’t deserve the care and treatment he got, so he would have simply ordered the machines to be shut down. Or is that only with the elderly? I’d like to see ALL of Congress and every member of the government participate in this upcoming Health Care Hell they are about to put us through. Then I bet it wouldn’t last long at all.


  1. I am SO GLAD that Todd has insurance that can help you pay for these expenses. That RSV shot for $2100 WOW! Will that last a lifetime?

    As far as the changes in Health Care: There is not one solution that is perfect for everyone. There never is, no matter what the issue is. I've not personally read the health care documents; I could only comment on what I hear on the news (and is that truly reliable?)

    I do know there are a shocking amount of people in the US that do not have any health insurance and do not get the meds they need. I truly feel for those people. I think the current economy has made that situation even worse. I only wish it were easy to come up with a plan that would make medical easy for anyone to get. I think everyone worldwide deserves even the very basic medical care... but is that ever going to happen? I don't think so.

    I applaud Obama for at least opening the eyes of Congress to all the people of the US that don't have health care and at least trying to make it better. Is it perfect? No. Will it ever be? I doubt it.

    I would not want to be president of a local club much less of the US! I think that has to be the most criticized position ever. I personally do not have a strong enough back bone for that! The best we can do is to pray for the best possible outcome and the wisdom of congress to implement it.

    Again, I am SO GLAD that Todd has insurance that can help you pay for these expenses!!

    Count your blessings.

  2. This bill has already screwed the insurance up. Do you know that because of the laws that went into effect in September 2010, that insurance companies quit selling child only policies?! There has to be an adult 19 years or older living in the household on the policy with a child. The insurance companies won't pick me up because of a medication that I am on and my husband has had 2 kidney transplants, so they won't pick him up and there is nobody left in the house hold. So guess what? My 3 year old daughter cannot get insurance. We don't even qualify for Nevada Check up. We make like $2000 too much per year. So just in the last 7 days, I have spent $400 for my daughter just in doctor's and medications and we aren't even through yet. Sad........our government can make sure that minorities, gays, and unmarried people can get insurance, but our own kids aren't taken care of.

  3. I fear for our future...but you know...there are a lot of people on anxiety meds and anti-psychotic meds out there...wait til we can't afford them anymore!!! Then we will march our crazy stressed out arses to their doors.



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