Wednesday, April 28, 2010

My Dad and His Guitar

This is my wonderful, kind, gracious, amazingly talented Dad!

Handsome, isn’t he?

Absolutely one of the greatest men I knew.
I didn’t have that much time with him, my mom took us away when we were very young and we never got to see him due to various circumstances that are unclear to me, even now. At age 20, I moved to Florida to be with him while I went to college. Six years later Heaven called him home.

All through my younger years I would listen to his music on tapes he had recorded for us. It was his dream to be a musician and it was something he was great at! Nashville just missed out on him.

I can still remember hearing him sing to my brother Toby and I this classic song that I never can forget, ‘Puff the Magic Dragon.’

He had a beautiful voice. Amazing voice! He was blessed.
He was a kind man. The kindest!
I could never say enough about him for everyone to understand just how important he was to me, to my sister Michelle, my brother, his wife, everyone.

This is his guitar.

He bought this before I was even born (no, I am not telling you how long ago that was), and played it all throughout his life, right up until the time he died.

Take a gander at the photo above again, that is the same guitar with a somewhat younger version of Dad! Pretty awesome if you ask me!

He would sit in his chair at home with his guitar right next to him within his arms reach. Whenever he thought up a tune, he’d pick up the guitar and let the tunes flow through him and out of it as he sang along with his perfect voice.

They were quite a pair, my Dad and his guitar. You'd swear they were soul mates, if that is even possible. He never went anywhere without it. Seriously, ANYWHERE!!

I believe with all my heart that this beautiful instrument is imbued with his spirit. After he passed, my step-mom asked me if there was anything of Dad’s that I wanted.

This guitar was my only request.

It is honestly my most cherished possession in all the world. And it is still so beautiful. It never leaves it's case!! So I took this photo because I just want to share it with everyone.


  1. Awwww. Ive never even seen a pic of your dad... What a great memory to have. =)

  2. Awesomely put he was a wonderful, amazing man.

  3. This is so touching! I know how much you loved him...and still miss him!



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