Saturday, April 24, 2010

Mommy’s Week!

 • Daddy lost Draven in the park in Vegas! Yeah, what an adventure! He is now on restriction and is not allowed to go anywhere alone with the kids!

• Draven only told me “NO!” 161 times this week. He’s 2!

• Mommy actually made it to two therapy sessions this week. Let me rephrase that, two torture sessions that leave me in utter pain for at least 36 hours post-visit!

• Daddy turned 30something this week! Hahaha, he is older than me!!

• My Bestest Friend (yes, I actually am very good with grammar, but I just love this phrase!) did a review with a giveaway of my Flower Commotion Paper Scrapbooking Kit. Hooray Steph!!

• The kids and I were leaving early Friday morning to go to Vegas, again. As Kaida stepped out of the front door she shrieks, “Where is MY truuuck?!??!!” I told her that Daddy took it to work. She shouts, with obvious disdain in her voice, “Daddy took MY TRUCK!?!?!?!”
LMAO! Yeah, she’s 3!

• On our way home from Vegas we only stopped about 11 times during the 3 hours and Draven cried the last 15 minutes of the trip!!! Yay! 
To distract him I excitedly shouted, “Look guys, we’re home!!!” And the kids started going through the list of what they were going to see once we got home.
Kaida’s list, as I am driving the last 2 blocks and rounding the corner to our house, “…and we’ll see Daddy. Yay Daddy! And my dog, and my cat, and my baby, Look, it’s our house, and My Truck. My Truck! There’s my truck!! MY TRUCK!!! Yay it’s my TRUUUCKKKK!!! My truck is HOME!!!”
So I park the car, get the kids out of their seats and tell them to go get Daddy. Kaida runs into the house as Daddy is coming out. She stops Daddy and asks in a very demanding tone, “Daddy, why you take my truck??”
LMAO! Yeah, Daddy didn’t even get a hug!

• And chalk one up on the brilliance chart for me, since I figured out, FINALLY, how to make my background on this page stationary as the rest of it scrolls!! Yay me!!


  1. OK - Now THIS background is my fave. =)

    And how dare he take her truck! Men. lol

  2. Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest! I am late, I know. Hope you have a great week =)



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