Friday, April 23, 2010

Park Privileges Revoked!!

Every week I have several visits to a Chiropractor for physical therapy. This specific doctor is in Las Vegas, 3 hours South from where we live. Yes, I wrote that correctly. Add it up and it is 6 hours round-trip. Why do I have to go to this specific doc you ask? We’ll get to that in the next post.

Now on my last visit, it was a nice treat to have my husband tag along with me to watch the kids. Tonopah is small. I mean blink-your-eyes-as-you-drive-through-and-miss-it small. So naturally everyone jumps at the chance to get out of it for a day! He had come once the week before and we figured out a pretty cool system of entertainment. I drop him and the kids off at this awesome, AWESOME park just a couple miles from the Doc's office, and they hang out and do whatever else Daddies and toddlers do! Worked out great. When I returned we had our picnic on a nice warm day in Vegas! 

Yeah, that was last week. This week was… a little more… interesting.

I was gone for nearly two hours. When I returned to the park, everything was great. Kids were getting tired from all the play-time, we were all hungry and ready for our picnic, although Todd did seem a bit somber. After a while he makes this ridiculous comment that gets under my skin when ANY one does it.

“Well, I’m not gonna tell you what happened or you’ll kill me!”

What?? Any kind of insinuation like that is… aggravating and… just… grrrr!!! Why would you bring it up if you’re not going to tell me???

So after a few more of those irritating comments, “no, I like breathing, I can’t tell you,” and “I like my man parts in tact” (that one I cleaned up the language), “I like living!” I finally got it out of him, read on.

He and Kaida and Draven were climbing up the large jungle gym, going down the slides, running back around to the ladders, and repeating. After who the hell knows how long, Daddy realizes one of the monkeys is missing.


So he immediately starts looking around, calling for Draven. He is NO WHERE to be seen or heard!!! We are in the middle of freaking Las Vegas, Nevada!! SIN freaking CITY and my 2-year-old son is wondering around somewhere by himself!!!???

Are you freaking kidding me???

So Daddy is having heart failure, running aimlessly through the park looking for the boy! He noticed a few cop cars in the parking lot and headed straight for them.

Apparently, some woman saw the boy wandering aimlessly and notified three local law enforcement men! Thank GOD!!

Now, I may seem a bit calm compared to many other women in this very situation who would be cutting her husband’s limbs off slowly with a butter knife, recording it on video so she can go back and show it to her friends for a good laugh later. I was actually quite calm as I was being told by this scared-to-death-of-ME man what had happened and what the police did to him as well as what Draven did to him! Read on!

Daddy was given a full interrogation by these three policemen. They checked all his identification AND ran a background check on him and ME!!! He got the piss scared out of him so much that all I could do was laugh at him!

And THEN, the cops are asking Draven, “Is this your Daddy?” And Draven got this really pouty look on his face and glared at Todd, stepping back towards the nice officer! LMAO!!!! That’s the best!
Todd is trying to tell Draven to come to Daddy… ROFL!
Todd was thinking, “Great, they’re definitely gonna run me down to the station now!”

So as my husband relayed this entire story to me, I didn’t feel the need to flip out, because my dear boy was sitting in my lap, perfectly unharmed.
Needless to say, Daddy has lost his park privileges!


  1. Oh my gosh! Yup. Definitely lost his park priveleges!! LOL

  2. Oh my! Aren't kids great! My poor son! I'm sure he was scared to death! LOL! This will show him just how scared I use to get when he would run off from me and I couldn't find him!!!



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