Wednesday, April 7, 2010

What the Hell?? Wednesday

My friend at the Blue Zoo always writes WTH Wednesdays hosted by


and I love reading her posts as well as other people’s. Funny Stuff! I thought I would give it a shot since I finally have one great WTH?? Bear with me.

So I am in Vegas on one of my three weekly physical therapy trips. Just finished my therapy session and am driving in my Avalanche, with my 2 kids, down I-215. It is a three lane freeway most of the way and I am in the center lane going well over the speed limit. There is quite a bit of traffic since it was mid-day. There is an SUV passing me in the left lane, going slightly faster than I. Coming up on my ass is some idiot in a white Chevy pick-up hauling ass. He quickly swerves over into the left lane, and gets right on the SUV’s tail…

What the Hell?? Where did he think he was going with all this traffic around us??

He then attempts to jet in front of me, where there really wasn’t any room for him to fit for passing. I take my foot off the gas to slow and allow this idiot to get in front of me, when the SUV switches lanes suddenly also!!

What The Hell???

Both vehicles slam on their breaks directly in front of me on the freeway at 70 plus MPH and I nearly rear-end the idiot as the car behind me nearly rear-ended me. Panicking and focusing on just breaking and not hitting anything, I look up slowly and notice a freaking car coming at all four of us, driving in the wrong direction down the freeway.


That Jackass nearly killed us all, and who knows if he actually did cause a pile up somewhere else down the freeway.

What the hell is up Crazy city drivers??

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