Thursday, June 10, 2010

Bachelor Parties are a joke!!

Men suck. And are funny at the same time. We're in Vegas for two days for a couple doc appointments and shopping. Coincidentally my hubby knew some guys from work who were going to be in town for a Bachelor Party.

A Bachelor Party is the most disgusting show of men gawking and probably fondling women with such low self-esteem all they can do with their lives is take their clothes off and do "special" favors for money.

I'm not real happy about the whole event, ever. Regardless of who is there and who it's for. I think it's sick. He came strolling in just after 6am this morning.
I also disagree with the Bachelorette ones with the male dancers. You're getting married, your not dying. You're gonna see other men and women in your life. So to use this one night as an excuse and make it seem OK to be drooling and getting immorally excited over someone who's paid to entertain is just simply wrong.

Hubby and I had a conversation on our way down here yesterday about this topic.

Naturally he thinks it's OK, he sees nothing wrong with it. I think it's wrong, I see nothing right with it.

Hubby says, "It's the last time for a man to get away with doing something like that because it's the last night he'll be single!"

Um... what?? You're engaged!! YOU'RE NOT SINGLE NOW!!!!

Hubby: "Well my bachelor party the women weren't that hot. There weren't any I wanted dances from."

Wow, that made me feel so much better. Until I remembered the convo we had on the plane ride AFTER his bachelor party. He got home an hour before we were to leave for the airport. Nice. 4 days before our wedding.

First of all, he got SEVERAL special dances thanks to his equally morally effed up friends who frequent the strip clubs.

On the plane, "I can't believe the things that girl did to me last night, I didn't know they could do that stuff!!"

Are you freaking kidding me??? And he wondered why I had my doubts about marrying him!

He still wonders why I don't respect the whole getting married and being married thing. Every chance he gets he's gawking over naked women. WTFever! Men don't take it seriously.

I told him clearly we have different morals. He said it has nothing to do with morals. WHAT?? Really???

I said it has EVERYTHING to do with morals!! I've never EVER gawked over another man, naked or dressed, the way HE has women. I've NEVER wanted to go see naked men dancing for entertainment!!! I've never slipped a guy a $20 and went behind some curtain to get him to grind his naked body all over mine. You know why? Because I have a man. If I need any kind of fix, why would I go anywhere else?

Am I just crazy?


  1. I think the main difference between men and women when watching strippers is that - women laugh when they see men dancing around in G-Strings. We dont really get turned on. We giggle and laugh hysterically. But men? They get turned on. For some reason they dont seem to mind the fact that they actually have to pay that woman to pretend she finds him attractive. When in reality she is most likely thinking about her grocery list. Men think it makes them cool to get lap dances, in reality we know it makes them kinda pathetic.

  2. LOL I like what Blue Zoo said. And you are not crazy. And no, women (in general) would not do those kinds of things.

  3. Totally agree!

    What's the point of having ONE woman if you're 'with' them ALL anyway in your head? Infidelity (along with ANY other act) takes place in the mind first! And even if it doesn't actually happen physically just the act of thinking it is betrayal. What else is happening when the gawking takes place? Shouldn't the soul, the mind and heart, of her man/husband be the very sanctuary where a woman should feel safe and take refuge?! Where she alone is the honored and cherished queen of his heart wherein there is no comparison or compromise?

    Maybe I'm crazy too but I think men who wanna be like this and think it's ok shouldn't get married to begin with. After all, if a woman is just a soul-less object made for pleasure...what will you be as his wife?!

  4. I think this is an awesome topic. Most men justify their lack of abilty to control certain urges that woman would refrain from out of love, loyalty, or just plain decency. It is about values and morales to us and even if men don't feel the same way. it wouldn't kill them to refrain from this behavior because they care about how we feel and want to make us happy. My husband doesn't always understand where I'm coming from nut, after hearing me out he makes choices that consider my feelings You know even if they did that stuff when you were dating, they would know it was unaccceptable, so why would they think it was ok right before the wedding?!

  5. I agree with all the posters and you too Jess! My husband has a subscription to Playboy. He loves the magazine and does read the articles. I have too, on occasion. This is the ONLY time I meet him in the middle on this subject. I consider Playboy the "classiest" of men's magazines and is the only one I agree to pay for. I'd prefer him to get Maxim but I guess there just isn't enough nudity in it.
    We have had many, many discussions/arguments/disagreements over his "need" for these things. I've caught him a couple of times looking at Internet porn and have tried to explain to him how it makes me feel. Men just do not get it.
    He never even has a good reason to look but always says he prefers to be with me and isn't really interested in other women. I told him that I felt it was demeaning to women, regardless of how much money the woman makes. The sole purpose is for men's excitement, period. I said that if the woman had 6 more "holes", she would probably make even more money. Already too many women put money over their own dignity and remain in the "business" to entertain men. It's the world's oldest profession and it's sad! I have read books on prostitution in the late 19th century as women would follow men all over the country. If a woman was not married or independently wealthy, she was a prostitute. And there were different levels of prostitution. Few were ever in the "elite".
    Bachelor/Bachelorette parties are fine to a certain extent. Going out and having a good time is one thing. But to make it an excuse to be unfaithful, even at the slightest, is morally wrong.
    It just all comes down to the fact that most men still think with their little brain in their pants and not the one between their ears.



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