Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Poetry of the Past

I'm at a total loss lately of what to post. My mind is in some other world, some distant land where all womens brains who are pregnant go. I can't seem to concentrate on a single thing! And I am so incredibly forgetful!!! So I thought instead of creating a whole new post of something I just cannot think of, I would share some more of my poetry. I do love to write.
My Dad past away 3 months after my wedding, 6 years ago. So thankful we didn't postpone it til the summer like we were going to. I was devastated. He wasn't in my life for about 15 years of growing up. He offered to pay for my college so I moved to Florida to be with him. I had 6 years with him before he died. It was great. Of course I look back now thinking I could have spent so much more time with him. And I still miss him like crazy.
Anyways, I wrote this poem shortly after he passed.

Depression, Part 1
Yesterday it woke me, 
tapping on my door.
Writhing through the sunlight 
that aroused my bedroom floor.
It beckoned at my sorrow 
and every ounce of shame,
Whispering through silence, 
somehow it knew my name.
The voice was bleak and dreary, 
unusually safe,
Echoing with comfort 
that I knew I shouldn’t crave.
Indolent, withered fingers 
extended towards the lock,
Securing tight the passageway 
where they’d so gently knocked.
Burden overwhelmed me, 
persuading me to stay,
Underneath the covers 
where my body wearily lay.
The whisper—this time softer—
protruded to my veins,
Propelling grief throughout my whole 
weakened body frame.
It spoke of all my heartaches, 
how useless I’ve become,
Commemorating reasons why 
I’ve chosen to be numb.
Sleep was all I yearned for, 
to be inside a dream,
Where absolute reality 
would never intervene.
Heavy were my eyes, 
as my head began to spin.
Sending me back into sleep. 
Today depression wins.


  1. That is an amazing poem. Beautifully written.

    I don't know where you are at in your pregnancy, but the brain thing only gets worse after they are born.



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