Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Giggles Strikes Again!

My bestie. 

Yep, she’s the best! She’s the crazy lady over at The Blue Zoo who in reality is stuck in a house full of testosterone. Poor thing! I don’t make it the 4 hours north often enough, so we don’t get to see each other face to face often! But I am stoked to be going up there next week! Can’t wait to see her!

As many know, she recently had a tummy-tuck. See her post about What A Real Mommy Tummy Looks Like and you’ll understand how badly, and for how long, she’s wanted this surgery! I was just getting ready to start looking into getting my tuck when I found out I am pregnant again, so I am, of course, a little jealous!

BUT, having heard the details, EVEN THOUGH I begged to NOT hear them because of my current morning-, noon- and nighttime-sickness, I am a pretty glad I am not going through the same things she went through. Sounds like a horror flick! Really!!!!! I am so nervous about it now, even though I have had 2 c-sections and will be having a third this winter. It would be ideal to me if they could just do the tuck, tie my tubes, AND take the baby out, all in one shot!! Yeah, that would be too easy and too logical!

Anyways, I save most of my conversations with people, solely for the purpose of blogging! Yep, I’m a big meanie. SO, consider yourself warned! And I’d never post anything that was personally revealing or too incredibly embarrassing or just plain mean! Fortunately, Steph is generally my target since I chat with her the most! If she wasn’t so funny, she’d never make my blog!! Today she said to me… well here, just read that part of today’s convo!

Vallorianne i'll start writing the scripts, since I am soooooo good at saving convos.../wink
stephy800 LOL yea.
Something stupid I said??
Vallorianne it's fucking hilarious and i am still putting it together but now i can't stop laughing again
stephy800 You are so mean!
Vallorianne i am so pissed though. the first few between us i didn't save
stephy800 What did I ever do to you??
Vallorianne you're a good sport, that's what you did!
i saw people talking around your blog, they all want these convos! ROFL
stephy800 Oh my gosh. You are so not nice! Is nothing private anymore??
Vallorianne it's all in good taste, well except for your texting! LMAO
Hahahahahaha. some of it is private. i'm deleting those parts
stephy800 What parts?

So, all the really private parts are edited out, I DO want to keep my Bestie! The rest makes me roll on the floor laughing in hysterics. OK, so I’m not actually on the floor, but the little me in my head is. May not be as funny to anyone else, but read on. You’ll at least smile.

These convos kinda run together, I didn’t separate them into times and days since I just cut out bits here and there, but I did put the breaks in there for you all. These start 2 days after the surgery, June 18th and go through just a couple days, then she got lighter pain killers and was more coherent after that! Good luck trying to figure out what she’s saying! There are a few lines I’m STILL confused about!!! Think there is even some German in there. LOL!

Love you Steph!

stephy800 Freshvberry yogurtt is so good.
Vallorianne hmm, is that a brand there in Reno?
stephy800 Yues
vallorianne really love your texting now. It's fun trying to decipher your new language called I'm drugged out of my mind because a truck HIT me!!
stephy800 What? A truck hit you? R ui pkl?
Vallorianne ROFL!!!
you said yesterday you felt like a truck HIT YOU!!! so that's what I named your drug. this all probably too deep for you right now. are you home yet?
stephy800 No Fernley
vallorianne wow. thought you left hours ago! how are you feeling?
stephy800 Ew. Eh.
Vallorianne bummer.
stephy800 Not ew
vallorianne how do you like the name Sable or Sadie?
stephy800 Havbe to rthibk nt it. Y
vallorianne ROFL! just looking up names
stephy800 Likje asadie For kid. But wajat abot griqwmned uyp
vallorianne i think it's still cute
stephy800 Cute. But bjur griewnrf uo. Sincere is awful.
Vallorianne LOL. ok. that one is out then!
stephy800 I've aways loved Tiahna.
Vallorianne i like that name too, but the girl who lived across the street for the last year had that name. so it's out
vallorianne todd really like Nariko. it means "gentle child" in Japanese
stephy800 Eh. Be
vallorianne i like it, but am not 100% sold on it. that's why i am still looking
stephy800 Bavk.
Vallorianne that's an interesting name, what does it mean?
stephy800 It means ne bavk
vallorianne ROFL
stephy800 Ehem o van see syraight
vallorianne it's getting much clearer thanks for the explanation
stephy800 Logves
vallorianne loves
(couple hours later)
stephy800 In trhe miuCc
vallorianne right on. glad you made it safe. the boys are gonna be excited to see you. take it you still can't see straight
stephy800 Cab see3 of v.
vallorianne ok. i believe you.
stephy800 Loves
vallorianne loves

So then she comes back with great sarcasm when the percs wore off!
stephy800 Gotta pee. Did I spell that right?
Vallorianne ROFL. you did. drugs must be wearing off.
(the next morning)
stephy800 Ugh. That's all.
Vallorianne i agree. i have another mirgaine that cause me to lose my vision. it's never happened 2 days in a row
Vallorianne EVER. my vision is coming clearer again, but now my head hurts. how is your sexy tummy?
stephy800 Sorry. Wish I cod help u
vallorianne me tpp and i could help u
stephy800 Don't know
vallorianne hurt al ot still?
stephy800 No. Pwrcocweyt
Gitta eat
Vallorianne LOL! you're a light weight, those things don't mess me up that much, they do make me extrmeyl groggy though
stephy800 I'm fine. Really. Except my mom is not a nice nurse.
Vallorianne ROFL! how funny. I would be if I were there!
stephy800 I could of sworn Dora just said Bitch. LOL
vallorianne you mean Dora the Explorer?? LMAO

So, those were all I was able to save! I’m leaving out the parts about the conspiracy of home nurses, maybe we’ll make that a special post later! J


  1. BWHAHAHAHA! I think I would be in the same boat as her! I am a total light weight. Benadryl does me in!

  2. LMAO seriously!! I was laughing so hard tears were streaming and now my tummy hurts!!

  3. I've popped in from her site to take a peek - too funny - but hey, I am just impressed she was able to even remember how to SEND a text, at that point! (Laughing).. Having gone through all that torture myself, I can really empathise!

  4. LMAO!! That's exactly what happened between me and my friends....except that they don't have a blog. *whew*

    I want the private ones in my inbox. ;)

  5. So dang funny!! I am glad you kept these to share with the rest of us! Bwahahahahaha



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