Saturday, July 3, 2010

What I DO Support

So as a company owner, I'm supposed to watch my Ps and Qs, walk on egg shells, and do whatever it takes to NOT offend anyone.

This is quite a challenge for me. As a person, I am VERY offensive. I make grown men cry and sensitive people run off and hide in the hills.

Now I do firmly believe in standing up for what you believe in. I do it all the time. I stand up for others who are being knocked down as well. I also believe anyone who tries to knock you down or judge you for this reason is simply a powerless coward unable to believe in something of their own.

Yesterday I got a friend invite on my Company Facebook page from someone in a Conservative Political Party who I just didn't want anything to do with.

I don't care who it offends, I don't agree with POLITICS!!! This country is on its way straight DOWN and all politicians can do is stand around fighting over who is right instead of actually FIXING the problems. They point fingers and spend millions of our tax dollars on debates and campaigns that, in the end, do nothing for our problems. We have some very questionable leaders ahead of us.

So instead of simply ignoring this person, I told her that I didn't agree with her politics because they screw things up that aren't broken!

Which they do, as well as every other political race. And they create complete and utter devastation to things are are broken. They ignore the people's thoughts, since the only thing that matters to them is their own views! It's a ridiculous, vicious cycle with no end in sight.

So in return, this woman threatened to ruin my company because I don't agree with her politics.

So All I can say to this sad, uneducated woman is, Do your Worst!

I'm not a liar. I don't hide things. I am clearly an open book, and anyone who actually knows me, knows that. You can ask me anything, just be sure you can handle the answer.

There are a lot of things I DO support.

- I support parents who need to discipline their children without having CPS called on them for child abuse.

- I support Love, in ANY form.

- I support rights of animals, it's not cool to abuse them, including the ones shoved away in slaughter houses.

- I support the death penalty.

- I do not support abortion unless it's a life-threatening situation for the mother. We all know exactly what cause pregnancy, don't be stupid.

- I support our amendment, the one that was written by the founders of this country. I don't believe in having the amendment constantly amended to make it "fit" with one person's beliefs.

- I support prayer in school.

- I believe that I have the right to have MY OWN religious beliefs without having to worry about which insane radical is going to blow up my family for it.

- I support anti-piracy because every artist, regardless of the form, should be compensated for their work.

- I support Marilyn Manson. He's one of the greatest men and artists ever, in every manner of the word: entertainment, writing, lyrical, singing, painting.

- I support the anti-gun laws. Regardless of what idiots believe, GUNS DO KILL PEOPLE! If I walked up to you with a 2"x4" as my weapon, it's pretty likely you'll escape. But with a gun, you'll probably be dead.

- I support the right to attack anyone who comes into MY home with the intent of harming me and my family. Those people deserve to lose their rights the second they break in. Fuck those lawsuits where the homeowner lost simply because the other person's lawyer was a better manipulator.

I support a lot of things. But I do not support some conservative bully threatening me and insulting me publicly because I have an opinion that disagrees with her political views. If she can't take the criticism, then politics is clearly the wrong place for her.


  1. You go, girl! Say it loud and proud. It sounds like this girl is a whack job. DOn't let her get to you!

    thanks for stopping by my place & commenting! I'm your newest follower!

  2. Sooooooooooooooooo you support anti gun laws? So exactly what the hell are you gonna defend yourself with when someone does break into your home to do you harm?? A 2x4?? LOL Cause guess what? That guy is gonna have a gun. Thats ok, I still love you, I will show up and save you!

  3. OMG I could have written this post! You are a younger me! LOL I love it! Marilyn Manson rocks! Prayer belongs in school, and so does that freakin' wooden paddle that used to keep kids in line! And for those who want to discipline their children without children's services being involved? I say paddle their little butts because that swat, given for the right reason, will save a life! Amen!!



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