Thursday, July 22, 2010

Vacation in California

It has taken me a while to get this posted but my vacation was pretty awesome. Very relaxing. Well, mostly relaxing. I still had a lot of nausea, exhaustion, and my body was DONE by 6 pm every night!

California is gorgeous!! We had a great time. Weather was awkward in some areas, hot as hell in some spots, colder than you’d expect in others. The ocean was freaking COLD as ever!!! 

On our last day near the beach, crazy head HAD to swim in it!!! I wasn't dumb enough, my feet were nearly numb just standing there taking shots of him.

The driving views were amazing! Gorgeous, rolling hills of vineyards, plot after plot of some form of life, I’m not even really sure what all is growing out there. It’s just beautiful, green, luscious countryside.

And I would like to set a record straight. Everyone thinks California drivers are crazy. Well, in all actuality, they are not crazy at all. They are DUMB!!!! I wouldn’t be surprised to look up statistics to discover that CA drivers are the cause of a majority of wrecks anywhere in the US. These people have no sense at all. And the people who make up the CA laws, are just as dumb! Yeah, I said it! And I’m totally not going to get into why, this post is about my vacation!!! But seriously, the law makers in CA make everything ridiculous and probably just worse than necessary.

So Todd had a blast at the Rockstar Mayhem festival. The Freak got to meet ROB ZOMBIE and the whole band, AND KORN!!!! Rob is seriously one of my favorites!!! He got their autographs, see photo below!! He said they were cool as hell! He also got to hang out in the CA sun for 10 hours watching the many bands who performed there and then wait 2 hours for the traffic to clear before he could leave. HAHAHA! He even got a guitar pick from somewhere I can't remember at this moment. And ask how many souvenirs he brought his dear pregnant wife who missed out on the show?? ZERO!!!

This is one rock t-shirt, one VIP pass, one newly released album signed by Rob Zombie and Band members, one guitar pick from the show, and one newly released Korn album!

I enjoyed my quiet time at the hotel! Hanging out by the pool, soaking in the Jacuzzi, enjoying silence, eating yummy ice cream room service delivered for me!  

The next day we went to The Getty. O.M.G!!!! Was THAT an experience. And I got so many photos, I am totally going to make that a post of it’s own. Yes, it’s that worthy!!

I figured he'd love it that I posted this image! ROFL!!! That's what he gets for being a goof.

These benches (above) were at one of the hotels (the one in the image below) we stayed at. I really loved what this one said!

The next image was from our hotel in Reno. Our room number was 613. I just thought it was hilarious we had to make a U-turn, AFTER getting off the elevator, to get to our room! Casino's clearly put their money into the lights and not the hotel part!!

I really needed a break, but Oh My WORD did I miss my monkeys!!!! Hubby made fun of me the whole time because of this! But that's ok. When we got to Grover Beach, he started missing the kids AND the dog, wishing they were all there with us to enjoy the sandy area with COLD water and persistent waves. 

Overall we had a great time, but next time, we are definitely taking the kids with us! And possibly the dog. LOL!


  1. Girl, youre crazy! I would LOVE a kid free vacay!!

  2. I am so glad you guys enjoyed yourself...and hey this Grandma enjoyed the time with her babies alone! Now don't get too many my grandma fix for awhile! LOL! But loved every minute of having them!!!

  3. I have to defend CA drivers since I am one. It's not CA drivers that are dumb. It's the people that move here from other states that are that make us look dumb. Just sayin. haha.

    What part of CA were you in. Northern I am guessing as you mention Reno and I saw Andersen's Pea Soup Inn. I lived in N. Ca for 8 years.

  4. Looks like a beautiful fun filled time!!

  5. Hi! It looked like you were on the beach just north of Ventura. I lived in that area most of my life. Also ate at Andersons soooooo many times. Your pics made me home sick... Love your blog!



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