Friday, July 16, 2010

Own it, Work it, Love it!

One of the coolest bloggers I know (or rather am getting to know slowly) from over at Think Tank Momma has presented an interesting challenge today! I loved reading my bestie's list and Zgirl's list, and just want to join in the fun! Let's see if I can meet the challenge.

She wants us to list 15 things that we love about ourselves. Simply because everyone should be PROUD to be themselves! Well, I certainly am proud, but I'm not sure my list is that long! :)

First of all, I love that I'm an in-your-face kind of person. If I have something to say, you never have to worry that I'll be saying it behind your back. You may not want to hear it, but you will.

I love that I have the ability to stand up for people who deserve it.

I love that I am a mommy. It is my favorite job ever!!!

I love that I am tougher than the rest. When times call for the strong-willed, and strong-hearted, you can be assured that I will withstand the storms.

I love playing in the rain. It is the most exhilarating experience and can be pretty romantic too!

I love that I am a chameleon in character. I can adjust to anyone's personality and still be myself.

I love that I can look and feel like a woman and still love outdoors activities as much as men. Camping, hiking, BBQing, being near lakes and rivers, beach time. Everything!

I love being artistic! And even more so, now that my kids are getting older, I love teaching them all my great college wisdom.

I love cooking. I love taking recipes and making them healthier to suit our family's needs.

I love that I am not a lush. I come from a long, very long line of addicts and I LOVE it that I can perfectly live without alcohol, and have NEVER tried drugs in my life. I can actually have a fun time AND be sober!

OMG... that's only 10!!! Think... think... think...

I love that I can do man-work. LOL! When something needs fixed around the house, I don't have to wait on dear procrastinating hubby to do it after a few weeks of me asking. I can and will do it myself.

I love that I grew up poor, because now when we are having very broke times, I know the things to do to make everything last!

I love Kids' movies. I watch them more than I watch any adult movies. My kids and I will pick a few and watch them over and over again! And I had most of my kids' movie collection BEFORE the kids were even conceived!!!!

I love that I am an open person. It really takes a lot to offend me. People can say whatever they like and know that I am not gonna file some absurd lawsuit over their thoughts and ideals. That's just silly.

I love that I regret nothing. Every experience has been one more step in making me who I am, and I am very happy with me!

Whew! That was tough. Not sure if my list is what it's supposed to be. But it is what makes me ME! Thank you Zgirl for that awesome challenge!!!


  1. I think your list is great! I am also glad that you are tougher than the rest. There cant be 2 whiners in this friendship. =)

  2. THIS was fantastic. I am so happy you joined in and shared about yourself with the rest of us!

    I LOVE this post!

  3. I love the rain too! And I love that you do not drink. And have never done drugs. You are quite a fantastic person!

  4. Wow...I think I would have a tough time coming up w/15....

    But I can relate w/you on many...I love being a mom, I love that I grew up w/the bare minimums too to make me appreciate what I have now and what not to do to get into that type of situaition, I love cooking too!

  5. Your list is awesome! Did you find you have a hard time coming up with that many? I would have! People don't usually think about their own worth. Instead, they think about all the flaws. If someone said to list that many flaws, I'd have been able to pop them off quick! This was a great idea! It helps people remember they are great and wonderful, each in their own way!



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