Sunday, August 1, 2010

Fork in the Road

Have you ever encountered a fork in the road in this lifetime? One that could potentially alter your life forever in such a way that you wouldn't even care to look back?

You know that if you turn left, you'll be happy. And not just rainbow after the rain happy, you'll become this whole new person whom you know is hiding deep down inside happy. Dance in the rain, and laugh at the thunder kind of happy. Unconditionally happy. Happier than maybe you've felt in... maybe too long to even remember.

If you go right, you know things will just be easier. It's a familiar path, similar to the one you've been walking down. You know it's mostly safe, but it's not actually going to bring you happiness. There will be rain, but no one who is willing to dance in it with you. There will be thunder, but it will force you under your covers, afraid to come out. And there are many conditions on this path.

Choosing the correct path... happy seems...
Where do you go from here?

Either path you take gives you a broken heart. Either path leads to medium bumps of turbulence. And right now, the sun isn't shining down either path. No one can decide for you. No one even understands for themselves the fork you're standing in front of. In fact, everyone just thinks you're crazy for standing in front of it so long, unable to make your decision.

One of these paths is wrong. And the other one isn't right. You think maybe you should wander off in the field, creating your own path. But that way is going to hurt as well. There is no way to turn now that isn't going to leave your heart in pieces.

But any way you choose, there is something inside you screaming out. Something telling you to believe and to just know that you are strong enough to walk alone. And no matter what, your heart will go on.


  1. Comfort is always so inviting. So is familiar. I am not good with change. Even when it is for the better. It is a tough call for sure. But in the end, we have to ask ourselves, was my choice worth the outcome?

  2. Either way the choices are yours. Its your life.



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