Saturday, September 18, 2010


I love to write. Anything. I may not be funny. I may not be a good writer. But I LOVE to write! It is an awesome outlet for me. As are all forms of art. This is one of my favorite poems that I have done. May everyone capture the meaning...

Serving worldly others, 
without assisting self.
Money bought salvation, 
repent to save thyself.
Conditioned, thoughtless lemmings, 
with educated hate.
Poisoned short of envy. 
Obliterate. Sedate.
Following their footsteps, 
as staggered as they are.
Blinding youth. Misguiding. 
A chalice lined with tar.
Narcism hovers righteously, 
shallow in its vein.
Bulging out with demons, 
dealing out disdain.
Convincing severed followers 
that Heaven left this path,
Leading us to gobble up 
the gold of satan’s wrath.
Simplicity forgotten, 
abused, and on retreat.
Betraying all with open eyes, 
weakening their feet.
A world of putrid venom, 
ignoring love’s release.
Sheltering in harbor 
the souls away on lease.
Rights have all been taken. 
“Free” no more exists.
Camera flash determines 
what the masses now will miss.

Copyright Jessica Kallio 2004.


  1. You write beautifully! Don't ever let anyone tell you differently! This was very moving indeed!

  2. You are an awesome writer. Wish I was!

  3. I feel fairly confident in my writing abilities. I always scored high on essays. However, poetry is not something I have ever been able to do easily. You on the other hand, have done a fabulous job here. Love this.



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