Friday, September 3, 2010

Kaida Talk

“Mommy, why you lookin’ at me?”

“Because I love you!”

Kaida smiles and snuggles into the couch across from me.

“And because I think you’re pretty awesome.”

“Pretty?” she asks because she loves to hear that she IS indeed pretty!

“No. I said, Pretty Awesome!”

“I not awesome, I Kaida!” she says as if she knows everything.

“Yes, and you’re pretty awesome!”

“No, me not AWESOME! ME KAIDA!!!!” this time there is frustration in her voice.

I laugh, and say, “Well you’re a pretty awesome Kaida.”

She smiles and says, “Yeah, awesome Kaida.” Then thinks for a moment. “I’m a princess!!”

I said, “Yes, you are.”

Then using both pointer fingers to point to herself, she very clearly and sternly says, “I’m Kaida, a PRINCESS!!!”

I laugh and say, “Yes, you ARE a princess. You are a Pretty Awesome Princess Kaida.”

She grins, very pleased with the talk.

Then Daddy walks in and sits down near her. She looks at him, then at me, smiles, and says, “I’m pretty awesome!”


  1. Awww! Donovans thing is that he is Batman and he's 33. And he gets ticked if you call him a child.

  2. Cute story. Both of my kids are adamant about being called their names and when I tell them they are something else, I always get "No, my name is..."



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