Friday, September 17, 2010

Friday Confessional

So this is my first time joining in with Glamazon Mormon Mom for Friday Confessional.

I Confess...
• I like to complain.
• My mind is always somewhere it isn't supposed to be, but I can't help it.
• I don't brush my hair after I wash it!
• I spend too much time on my laptop.
• I hate being pregnant! Seriously.
• I want to be somewhere else! Not here, not at all.
• I am envious of women who brag about how great their man is.
• I am incredibly jealous that my BFF got a tummy tuck and I am plumply pregnant!
• I drink too much coffee this pregnancy but I have a 2- and 3-year-old to keep up with!
• I often cry myself to sleep. Not sure if it's a missing thing, or an incredibly hormonal thing, but I do.
• I have no patience for A.N.Y.T.H.I.N.G.
• I am cranky all the time, and I hate myself for it.
• I feel the next 4 months is going to be the longest 4 freaking months of my life!!!
• if I continue confessing, something really bad may come out!

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  1. My laptop is practically attached to me. My mind often's really too small to do that. I hated being pregnant too...except for the kicks. I enjoyed that. The rest, not so much. When I read about Mr. Perfect on other people's blogs, I remind myself that they are only telling you the good things. Nobody is perfect...especially men.

    Hormones honey. Totally hormones. Plop the kiddos in front of the TV...make it dark, like a movie. Tell them they have to lie still or you will turn it off. They just might fall asleep. And you can catch a few winks too.

    Hope the last 4 months aren't too long for you.

  2. My mind wanders, too. I don't blame you for the caffeine. Don't worry too much, I'm pretty sure my nephew and my sons are fine, and my sister and I NEVER gave up the caffeine...

  3. To one of my dearest friends. When I read your writings I ache for you and I wish I could have the words to say that would make you feel better. I know this has been a tough time and having 3 beautiful little ones so close is hard on us emotionally. Our dh aren't always as understanding as we would like them to be. If I asked you to try would you do something for me? Maybe get up each day and count the blessings that you have in your life. For as I'm learning we can control what our thoughts are. I know it may not always help, but at least it is a start...a way to look at what we have and cherish in our heart. I love you and I miss you we don't seem to talk as much...and I miss hearing your voice and your laugh. I miss the phone calls just because. Know that I am sending you lots of love!!! Hugs! Mom

  4. LOL, I'm with ya on the first four! And when that baby comes out, I'll be waiting for you in Crazy Town with my table covered in tequila...

    As much as I miss having wee babies, I am more often grateful to be past all of it, & have 4 older kids...that can wipe their own


  5. I'm SO OVER pregnancies. And, um, I had a mommy makeover last year. I needed the bewb redux, so figuring since I'd be put under anesthesia, I fixed my c-section flap-over, too. Minor tuck, but the results are AWESOME. Sorry - guess that's my confession :p



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