Saturday, September 4, 2010

National Friendship Month: My BFF- From the Beginning

September is National Friendship Month! How exciting. 

It’s all about your BFF, making  new friends, maybe finding old friends and reconnecting. In the blogging world there seems to be a big commotion about this month. My BFF over at the Blue Zoo is part of the Commotion Makers Guild, so head over to her page to check out the cool upcoming events. It sounds like a lot of fun. And, being her best friend makes me automatically out of the running for all the cool prizes and stuff. :( Cause she’s a judge, and extremely biased towards me… :) … and I already win because I DO have the bestest BFF EVER!!! So who else could she possibly pick over me? Yeah, so needless to say, I’m now a sponsor of the cool events and not a participant. But that is certainly not going to stop me from posting about my Bestie!

So bite me judges. Or send me some bite-sized brownies. You know, the little ones with the walnuts on top? Anyways, there is a lot to say about my one and only, so I am breaking it up into multiple posts. This first one is just a background of us, very brief background! How we met and all. Read on.

I believe we were 11 or 12 and it was the beginning of 7th grade.


She was the new girl in school. Well, I was too but I had known most of the students for most of my life. We traveled a lot, which meant I went to many different schools (14 to be exact). But always managed to wind up back in Winnemucca.

Anyways, the first day she was there we met. And we just clicked. From that point on we did most everything together. You know, all the silly things teenage girls do: share boyfriends, share crushes, share pillows and clothes. There were 5 or maybe 7 of us, I think, who were all great friends. We’d pair off at different times for different things. But she and I were the most common pair.

I even called her mom, “Mom.”  And she was one of the few friends my mom actually liked!

After three years, I moved again. Then she moved. We lost touch for a while, a long while actually. I moved again, she moved again. We were both on our own and living our own lives. After many more years we both ended up back in Winnemucca, simultaneously, and both pregnant, her with her last and me with my first. 

We connected again instantly. I’d been through a lot of disappointing friendships on my broken road, so I was, of course, a little leery to dive right back into another. Even though we’d known each other for sooooo long, we’d been apart for long enough that we needed to really take the time to get to know each other again.  And so we did.

Together, we have a lot in common. We also have a lot of differences. But somehow, we just connect.

I’ve had a rough 6 years, since my Dad died. Actually it was right before then that I broke my back. I had to drop out of college, then got married, Dad died, we sold our house, and moved 3000 miles back to sweet home Winnemucca, once again! Plus I had a very rugged childhood. So, throw all that into a pot and mix it up and you’ll understand why there are times when I’m not the friendliest person, or the easiest to get along with. To put it bluntly, I’m a bitch! I’ve been through a lot of twists in my life. So, I don’t take crap from people, I don’t let people walk all over me, and I tell people exactly what I think, something my hubby gets embarrassed by!

She also had an interesting journey on her road. She married the Scum of the Earth, but walked away alive, thankfully. She’d been through crappy relationships, interesting ones, moved a lot, than met Robert. She has 4 boys, well 5 including the husband, cause let’s face it, husbands are just large children that we have to also take care of!

We live 4 hours apart and are always talking either on the phone, through texting, or through Yahoo Messenger. We bitch, we nag, we plot ways to kill our husbands and collect their insurance money… did I say that out loud? Just kidding. Well, maybe. We talk about the kids, the families, all the stupid crap that pisses us each off. We piss each other off, but laugh about it later (at least I do). But, there isn’t anyone else I could talk to like I do her. She is my dearest and closest friend. And in the next post, I’ll tell you why.

Don’t forget to check out her page for other Friendship Month links and to just meet her if you haven’t already. She’s real, and she’s amazing.


  1. My BFF and I met when we were just 5 and 6. Her family moved to OH when we were 15 and 16. It was sooo hard for both of us. We still talk to each other. And I went and saw her for the first time in 20 years in 07. It was like we were never apart.

  2. Awwwww, shucks! =) LOL I think our list of differences would be a lot longer than our list of things in common! Love you too!! =)



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