Friday, May 14, 2010

Aloha Friday - Who's on my list??

In response to Aloha Friday

and my Bestie's Who's on Your List post, I am gonna kind of answer both questions.

What celebrity do you admire and why?

Probably among one of millions here but I just LOVE Johnny Depp! He is one of the most versatile actors I've seen. He plays a crazy guy, a psycho, a lover, a romantic, a protector, a sexy pirate, a detective, good guy, bad guy, and everything in between like no other!!
He just rocks! There isn't a movie I wouldn't buy if he were in it!!! 

As for the "list" of celebs my hubby and I would be "allowed" to be with, we've never actually talked about it. Although his fascination with Milla Jovovich is NOOOOO secret. I have to get up and get him tissues to clean his drool every time her name is merely mentioned!! Freak!! Although Johnny is a fave actor, he's NOT on MY list. I don't think of him that way. Crazy huh??

My Men are:

1. Nicolas Cage... oh yeah, he's such a GREAT bad guy!! I love the way he moves and holds himself.

2. Matthew McConaughey... come on.. who wouldn't??

3. Vin Deisel... look at that body!!! Sexy voice! He's good, he's bad, and he's yummy.

4. Gerard Butler... Oh my, the things I would do to him!

5. Eric Bana... Hector was just the sexiest Trojan EVER!!!

So, who's on your list??


  1. OMG! I'm not the only Nic Cage lova!!! YAY! I think he's gorgeous!

  2. I think Gerard may be an alternate. He is pretty hot! =) Did you link this up at Island Life?

    And you can ask your own question too. If you wanna next week.

  3. I linked it to Aloha Friday. And I liked these Qs!
    Gerard is MINE, you've got your 5!!!!

  4. I admire Ralph Fiennes. He reminds me of my hubs and he is just sexy and I guess I like Englishmen :)

  5. Johnny Depp for me too- so very versatile and refused to cash in on his looks alone.



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