Thursday, May 20, 2010

Share a Spoon - Grilled Tilapia

Thursday is Share A Spoon day created and hosted by ZGirl over at Think Tank Momma. The theme for this week is Grill It Up! Check out her site for more awesome recipes.

This isn't a fancy recipe, I sort of made it up along the way.
I took three tilapia filets and sprinkled both sides with

Black Pepper, and
Garlic Powder.

I grilled them for about 15 minutes on each side (only because I had the HARDEST time getting the charcoal to get hot, fish this thin generally cooks much quicker).
Then I served it with a few drops of Lemon Juice and Seasoned Mashed Potatoes.
Very easy! Here are a few images of the yummy grilling process. The great part of it was, my picky Monkeys ACTUALLY ate it!!


  1. My boys would love this! Thanks so much for sharing!!

  2. Awesome girlie! I love tilapia, so good!

  3. If it swims. . . I'm not a fan! BUT, my sweetheart and son would eat it up!!



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