Monday, May 10, 2010

A Minute For Monkey

This week's Monday Minute is dedicated to Michelle at My Pixie Dreams. Her sweet baby girl has recently been diagnosed with Cancer. Darling Lil Monkey is only 16 months old!!! Heartbreaking and hard to believe, but it's true!! Visit Michelle at her Blog and show her some love and support please! She needs all she can get right now. Also, head on over to The Daily dose of Reality to read and link up with more Monday Minutes!

1 - How old do you act?
I feel like I act about 75, unless I'm not getting what I want, then it's more like 7!

2 - As far back as you can remember, what did you want to be when you grew up?
Well, when I was really young (yes I was once!!) I wanted to be in a band with Bon Jovi! Woot! As I got older I wanted to be an architect because I love math and drawing, or was it a lawyer cause they make lots of money and I was inspired by that movie A Few Good Men. Then I wanted to be a computer programmer cause it was the "future". Then I thought about being a hair stylist, but my grandma talked me out of that saying it was a waste of my talent!! So I went to art school!

3 - If you were to write a book based on your life, what would the title be?
"I didn't plan this, but I'll roll with it anyhow"

4 - What's something that you do that's considered "childish" by most?
I argue with my TWO- and THREE-year-olds like I am one of them!!

5 - The last question isn't a question. Write a story of a time of when you or someone you know overcame great adversity.
My whole life has been filled with adversity!! Went through hell with my alcoholic relatives. Didn't get along with my mom because of her addictions so she sent us to live with my extremely poor grandmother and 11 other people. I was raised incredibly poor, didn't have money for college in my family but I went. Thankfully my Dad was able to help some but I earned the rest through grants and scholarships with my grades. I broke my back at 26, broke my pelvis during my first childbirth attempt and refuse to just lay down and "rest". Went through a very hard time after my dad passed away, and have been having a terrible time with my marriage. But my chin is up and I am still on my path to making my dreams come true with my 2 amazing children because it's something I want more than chocolate. I just keep believing it will happen. Never giving up!!


  1. Isnt it just sad about poor Lil Monkey?! It makes me so mad.

    I like your book title! lol

  2. Yes, it makes me angry as well! I don't understand why babies can get sick like that!!!

  3. I don't understand either...but I still have faith and will pray. Hugs to you! Mom

  4. Based on your last question, your blog has the perfect name! It's kinda funny that you argue with your toddlers. There's no logical thinking at their ages. Or yours apparently. LOL ;)

  5. LMAO!!! That's funny BlueViolet!! There is LITTLE logic after becoming a parent!!!



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