Thursday, May 6, 2010

Sunny Days are HERE!!!

FINALLY a nice day! We decided to take the kids to the park to play on their new bikes!

Daddy pulled the bikes out of the truck. Kids started shouting! I was gonna be FUN!!!

Well, Kaida looked happy at least!

So we're getting ready to put them on their bikes and teach them to ride! THEN Daddy pulls the golf clubs out of the back of the truck!

Yeah. Here are the kids running from the bikes!!!

And here are the bikes watching the kids play golf with Daddy.

Little golfers! At least they were having fun!

Her swing really goes ALL THE WAY AROUND, that's why the ball is behind her!! :)

He was SOOOOOOO into this!! This is the first thing we've discovered that actually kept his attention for at least 20 minutes!! Golfing is HIS sport!! His papa will be pleased!

 Following Daddy! LOVE this picture!

 Swinging... sliding... climbing... fun Fun FUN!!!

And there the bikes sit. Lonely. Forgotten.
But the GREATEST part of the afternoon was when Daddy, after getting everything loaded up and the kids belted in, realized his truck key fell off the ring!! What??? He was ALL over the park!!!

So he and I got out and began our hunt for the KEY!!! 
15 minutes of wandering, looking in the grass.


So I get the kids out to help us, maybe they'd be able to notice it being closer to the ground and all. You never know!!

Another 15 minutes of wandering.

So Todd goes over to the truck to look around it once again.
Guess where the key was????

It was on the drivers seat!!!!

 All in all, it was a nice day! We grilled afterwards, and had yummy Chocolate banana shakes to go with dinner!


  1. Aawww! How precious those photos are! Looks like a good day! Yes Papa will love that his little guy loves golf....Oh will Papa have fun in about 3 years when they are all old enough to go out with him! Hugs! MOM!

  2. Uh yea, that 1st pic of daddy would have been better minus the cancer stick.. Just Sayin'

    SO glad you guys ALL had so much fun! Love the golfing pics, they are so cute.

  3. Yeah, I showed Daddy the image, he says "You're gonna put THAT one up??" Then I showed him the only other options, 2 I took of his butt, and he chilled. Told him the image would be better without that dang Cig!!! EW! Thanks you both for the comments! Loves



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