Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Ragtime Debbie

My awesome best friend and I are always on yahoo chatting. 
She is such a riot. Always making me laugh. I can’t remember a day in the last few weeks we haven’t chatted. She is my inner-voice that I should listen to more often, my fitness partner, my diet lecturer, one of the greatest moms I know, my support system, my upper when I am down, my crying shoulder, an amazing cook, brutally- and bluntly-honest, and one of the most prissy, primping women I know! And what’s more is she is a RARE kind of friend, one who isn’t two-faced or conniving. She’s loyal and just simply amazing!!! I love her more than anything (except my monkeys). We’ve known each other since we were 12. This is a recent conversation between she and I that had me rolling in my chair unable to continue typing!!! 
She is stephy800 and I am Vallorianne.

stephy800: I am avoiding doing anything useful. Like cleaning.
stephy800: Ugh. Don't wanna.
Vallorianne: lol
stephy800: It’s too messy to clean.
Vallorianne: what do you want to do?
stephy800: Um. I don't know. Go shopping? Spend $$ I don't have.
when my house get really out of control, i do it in bits. i'll do something for 10 minutes, then do something i want to do like sit on my ass in front of the laptop
stephy800: Hell 10 min wouldn't get anything done around here.
stephy800: I was all set on cleaning all day. Then I remembered I needed to post. And there went my day.
Vallorianne: i mean, spend 10 minutes doing SOMETHING. whether or not it completes the project
Vallorianne: i woke up at 6am to clean mine today!!
stephy800: Eh. I'm gonna go shower for 10 minutes. How's that?
Vallorianne: ROFL! will it complete the project?
stephy800: Hell no.
vallorianne: lol
stephy800: Then I have moisturizing to do.
And hair to dry.
And make up to do.
Vallorianne: you know what I've realized about you?
stephy800: Lol Nope.
Vallorianne: you're not happy unless you're bitching about ANYTHING at all
stephy800: Well DUH.
Vallorianne: are you allowed at the hospital?
stephy800: Um. What? The hospital?
Vallorianne: it's a no complaint zone
stephy800: It is?
Vallorianne: yeah, ever notice the BANNERS all over the place???
stephy800: Nope.
Vallorianne: did the bouncers chuck your ass out of there already?
stephy800: And nope.
Vallorianne: they probably have you in their radar
Vallorianne: bouncer 1: ok guys, she's pulling in across the street. think today might just be a park day.
stephy800: Lmao
vallorianne: bouncer 2: it's my first day, PLEASE don't let her come over here. i'm not trained for this
stephy800: Oh yea. You're hilarious.
Vallorianne: (insert 3 little smiley heads rolling on the floor laughing)
stephy800: I'm gonna go shower now miss freakin sunshine.
Vallorianne: bouncer 1:  it's ok, rookie, she's pulling a picnic basket out. we're safe
stephy800: (insert little smiley sticking out his tongue)
vallorianne: love you
stephy800: Love you!


  1. Oh. My. God. Seriously?!

    You are just oh so funny! LMAO

    Just wait.... paybacks are in order Im thinking........

  2. You guys are hilarious. The way you describe her is so much the way I would describe my own bestie. Love that girl. :)

  3. Stephy is a fun one is she not? I do have a feeling though that paybacks are a bi-atch! :P



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