Saturday, May 15, 2010

Lifetime Glance

When something you thought would last forever ends, reality disappears. Death seems inevitable as the heart breaks into millions and millions of tiny shards. Yet every morning the sun rises and every evening the sun sets. Life goes on...
I wrote this for my wedding, five and a half years ago, for the man I was sure I'd be with forever. It was a gift I read to him after our vows were spoken. It took me three months to write it!

Standing far away from me, 
in a crowd I didn’t know,
In a dark, deserted parking lot 
cold with winter’s snow,
Was a wingless fallen angel 
more beautiful than rain,
Who captured every part of me, 
and healed my every pain.
There must have been some music, 
everyone was full of dance,
Laughter and maybe cheering, 
a party friendly circumstance.
But I didn’t here the laughter, 
nor any kind of tune.
Time and space were placid 
as I stood beneath the moon.
My gaze was firmly fixed, 
my body was so still,
My blood was nearly frozen, 
but it wasn’t from the chill.
His motions seemed to flow, 
he possessed a delicate grace,
With the universe in his eyes, 
and my future on his face.
When he smiled, my heart stumbled, 
and could hardly find a beat.
Something deep inside of me, 
told me we should meet.
I didn’t hear his voice that night, 
nor the sound of his name.
And I knew that he was meant for me, 
soon he’d feel the same.
A million moments passed me by 
as I wandered out of control,
To drift across the parking lot, 
to a man I didn’t know.
I was compelled by unseen forces, 
and even forgot to breathe.
I would have given anything, 
to have him notice me.
Well, fate was on my side, 
and soon I touched his heart.
Our love became a masterpiece, 
a priceless piece of art.
I never thought it possible, 
to be in love like this,
With someone who wields magic 
in his warm and tender kiss.
Six years now have passed, 
and today I am his bride.
And still he is the angel 
that has never left my side.


  1. That was lovely!!! It brought tears to my eyes!

  2. Thats a great poem. I cant believe it took 3 months to write! Wow. I would have given up. Im lucky if I can write a roses are red kind of poem. =)

  3. I remember...and sending you {{{Hugs!}}} you two can have what you both are looking for with each other...just hang in there..



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