Saturday, August 14, 2010

Can Anyone Explain THIS???

We had a very strange night last night. Something I can say that I have NEVER experienced before! Ever! Not even seen before!!

I had a horrendous migraine last night! So I was in bed early. Todd put the kids to bed then came to bed himself.

Around 1am Kaida woke up crying. I laid there a moment to see if she'd fall asleep again, cause often she does. Suddenly she starts screaming this blood curdling scream! My heart stopped and I jumped up and ran down the hall, opened the door to their room and flipped on the light. I looked instantly in her bed to see she was fighting with something against her wall up on the top bunk. Physically fighting with something I couldn't see! I ran over and yanked her off her bed and calmed her down. After a while she told me spiders were trying to bite her eye, the one that Draven had hit.

So I brought her to bed with me. We're laying there, calmly getting ready to go back to sleep, she's still awake mind you, and starts swatting the air and screaming again. This time it woke Todd up and this time she wouldn't calm down.

I told him, "She's wide awake and sees spiders attacking her." So he takes her and wraps her in his arms under the covers and tells her, "Daddy's got you, it's safe honey."

She calms down again and I snuggle up to them, so she's almost sandwiched between us. A few quiet minutes pass then she starts screaming again, swatting at the air, pointing at the ceiling shouting, "Daddy, LOOK!!!!" And he's trying to calm her and she's squirming like something is actually attacking her! I wanted to start crying, I was so scared for her and felt so helpless.

So we calm her again. She keeps looking at my face and feeling my cheeks, can't explain why though. I just telling her she's ok and she's safe. She starts screaming AGAIN! This time Daddy turned on the light and even with the light on she's screaming and pointing at the foot of the bed screaming, "LOOOOOK!!!!!" Daddy and myself kept trying to tell her she was still dreaming, but she was still so scared. The only thing I could think to do was put a happy movie in, Finding Nemo, and let it change her mindframe.

Well we had Draven in there at this point, all the screaming had him worried about Sissy. They were both wide awake until long after Todd got up to go to work. Probably because we had to leave the lamps on because the spiders were gone in light. And throughout the movie, Kaida kept looking around the room for more spiders! It was really an awful night!

I've never seen anything like it. And Todd and myself were so helpless towards helping her fight off these invisible spiders. Invisible to us anyhow. Mommy needs to do some serious research today.


  1. Was she having night terrors? Those are very real to the dreamer. And yikes, spiders! Hopefully that won't happen again. How old is she?

  2. I have really tried to think of what could have been happening to my baby girl...and one thing comes to mind, that is sorta weird. When Todd was in Jr High maybe high school he would tell me that he saw things crawling out of his walls at night. You'll have to ask him about it. Wonder if it is just an overactive, very imaginative brain?

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