Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Human Again...

She was made to feel human again.
To feel peace.

She Happily took Everything that was offered, without giving much in return, regretfully.

Her very being emanated the savory taste of what she was capable of. The love she had inside that was dying to get out. To be shared with someone worthy.

Worthiness came. Worthiness left.

Did she recognize what she was looking at? Did she know what was there, hovering just within her grasp?


She cannot understand why she let it flutter away. Why she didn’t put up enough of a struggle to keep it in her grasp.

She hears voices telling her this is the way it is supposed to be.

She disagrees. And yet, does nothing to change.

She holds her head up. She hides her tears. She smiles. But She has slipped further into the void then she ever has before. She is lifeless and so far gone she feels nothing.

She believes God does give more than we can handle. But maybe He has His reasons. Maybe He is trying to make us stronger.



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